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After a hell day and night at work my feet are killing me, and I'm pretty sure that my beloved comfy work shoes are on their death bed, gasping. I've already tried the store where I got these ones... Read More

  1. by   XB9S
    You can get new balance in the UK as well, they were my very first pair of running shoes
  2. by   cuppa_tea
    Quote from kizzykatlove
    i wear new balance i like the pink ones for breast cancer. i also have red cross shoes i love...
    Ooooh yeah! I have some Red Cross shoes too! They are kinda clogs/mules, but most of my foot is covered. It's that spongey Temper-pedic material in the insole! All leather too. I did my CNA certification in them and they were fabulous. My feet were never tired. Great arch support too! I'm sooooooo glad we can wear scrubs for 1st year, but we MUST have white shoes. They don't pinch anywhere and my feet never rubbed or got blistered whilst breaking them in. I don't know if they have them in UK, but so worth looking into.