Working Visa Is It Really That Easy???

  1. here i am again confused! i need your help. my agency contact me and told me that there will be a meeting this month with an employer from texas. they also mentioned that within 8 months (if i was chosen by the employer) i'll be leaving the philippines. Is it really that easy? I am not yet an NCLEX nor IELTS passer. they told me that a working visa will be given if ever. What is your opinion about this? Any related information regarding working visa, salary, policies, need to know, questions need to be ask or clarify to the employer and the agency, loop holes? please enlighten me!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    no it is not that easy plus no one knows how long retrogression will last so hard to put a time frame on things. Have you not started the process of yet with a BON? Sounds a bit fishy to me
  4. by   Raine14
    thank you for the reply anna! i know, thats what i thought when i got that message from them. What do you think? should i go meet the employer they are talking about?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from Raine14
    thank you for the reply anna! i know, thats what i thought when i got that message from them. What do you think? should i go meet the employer they are talking about?
    if you have already signed up with agency then may be worth meeting employer and see whats what just don't expect to be out there in 8 months. You have more power with employers if you have passed NCLEX first. Have you yet started anything with BON?
  6. by   suzanne4
    Sorry, but run as fast as you can from them. There is no such thing as a working visa for nurses in the Us, only the green card. Unless you go to an area that no American would work at and the H1-C was available there. But to be there in 8 months and you have not taken any exam yet? You must have a Visa Screen Certificate in hand to get that visa. Texas requires the CES, then to wait to take that exam, and get the English exams done and get the VSC. That needs to be done before the visa can even be applied for.

    And that visa is never recommended as if you do not like the facility or they do not like you, it will be extremely hard to find another employer so you will be required to leave the US in a certain number of days. And you would literally be owned by the facility.

    I do not believe in slaves.

    Much more time is required to get the VSC in hand before the visa can be applied for. And they could not even start the petition for the green card without you having passed either CGFNS exam or the NCLEX-RN exam. No way 8 months for Texas.
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  7. by   Raine14
    yes, infact i am scheduled to take the nclex april of this year.
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  8. by   Raine14
    if i do go with that meeting with the employer, what questions do you think i should ask?
  9. by   batasMTR_RN
    i guess you can meet with them.. ask them if they have been doing this ... but never commit yourself.... and never give anything from your end.... no money involve and dontgive your documents with them....

    i guess you ought to meet with them so you would know how things work... that means... you can see how they work and from there... try to consult your friendshere in at least you can also help other nurses
  10. by   suzanne4
    They cannot even offer you a job until you have passed the NCLEX exam. And a temporary work permit cannot even be applied for until you have a VSC in hand.

    You are talking about the H1-C visa and you will not hear from any of us that it is a good thing. It is actually the worst possible thing that you could do. And it could also help you lose your license very quickly.

    Seriously think over what you want to do. There are less than 20 facilities in the entire US that offer that type of visa, it means that they are severely short staffed and in great need. So your working conditions will not be the best to start off. And if you do not like it there, you will have less than a few weeks to find something else at another H1-C facility or have to leave the US. Again, something to run from.

    If they see a warm body, they will sign you. But they will also own you. I get e-mails on a constant basis from nurses trying to get out of situations like this. You want to go ahead with it? Please do so at your own risk. Not sure what else to say.
  11. by   FutureUSRN
    I passed NCLEX already and have my VSC with me now and yet, I am not able to work as a USRN due to this will take a while before Schedule A visa will become available...there are certain groups lobbying Congress to pass a bill capturing unused visas...some say it will be around 90,000 visas this time...hopefully, by October this year....
  12. by   Raine14
    thank you for the information maam suzanne! as you can see i really dont know anything thats why im trying to ask questions and gather as much information as i can. i can understand what your trying to tell me. if ever i do come to that meeting (which i think i am obligated to) i wont sign up for anything... im going to see what they are going to offer. again thank you!