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Hi! Are there any australian nurses out there who have been lucky enough to get a position which involves working school hours, and getting the school holidays off? Having just moved over here... Read More

  1. by   heathbo
    Hi Scoobydoo
    You did not say which state you were living in, not that I suppose it matters!! I have recently arrived from UK and was lucky in that I am qualified oncology nurse so was offered heaps (well 3!) clinic jobs to work administering chemo, it is the way to go m-f too. School hols will not be a prob because most places offer vacation care, have you looked into this?
    Don't give up you will find something!! I felt very homesick at first it is a huge adjustment but what about giving silver chain a ring they do home visits like district nursing.
    Do not go home yet!!
    Hope you have some more luck, keep trying
  2. by   scoobydoo
    I had forgotten all about this until now....we have returned to the UK!!! Many reasons, not all to do with my work but boy are we happy back home! Just a twinge of regret that it didn't work out but we tried!

    I am now back in the NHS working a great school hour, term time only contract, and it was easy to find! I love my work here and am so pleased to be back.

    Thank you for all your replies.x