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Hi Guys Sorry I havent been on properly for a couple of weeks - Ive been extremely busy at work lately with implementing a new Heart Failure Pathway, But I have a little bit of news. I have a... Read More

  1. by   Sunshine97
    Good for you their will take you on trust me. Cause I have a job offer with them just waiting to take my nclex exam
  2. by   janelola
    Thanks for the info. I've been dealing with Avedia - seems very helpful. Yes, I want to go to Antelope, CA. My mum went out there 6 years ago - I can't wait!!
    Good luck to you with interviews/studying for dreaded NCLEX!! Hope you keep us all posted!
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  3. by   RGN1
    Hi Clare - have PM'd you - so pleased it went well!

    I only have praise for my contact at Adevia too - X- she's been fantastic & is always there to speak to, however silly the question is.

    Good luck to all of you & keep some for me - I'm trying to persuade them to expedite my I-140 - despite retrogression - because I want all my paperwork ready & waiting for when retrogression lifts. It's proving to be more of a pain than it should be.

    We are willing to pay but the USA company hasn't done it before & they get sooooooooo difficult if they are asked to something outside the "norm"!!! Adevia support me 100% - it's just at the USA end there's a problem!!
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  4. by   RGN1
    OH & BTW - take the N-CLEX seriously but don't dread it too much - I really, really, really recommend that before you take it you do the Kaplan live course - start with the one day & if you want more they offset (at least they used to) the price against the 5 day. It really was the final thing that helped me nail the strategies. My scores went up from an average 80-85% up to 90-95% after the course. The Mosby on-line CAT test is a good final thing to take - it predicts your chance of passing - it gave me a 99% probability - which also helped me relax a little. NOT that I wasn't as scared as anyone else but just knowing that I had given myself the best chance I could helped me to channel my adrenaline in a positive direction!

    N-CLEX is like a game - if you can work out their "code" you stand a real chance of getting a question correct even if you know squat about the topic. There are key words to look out for that help you dismiss or keep answers & there are ways of writing things that also alert you to right or wrong answers. Kaplan live course & the Saunders books are (IMHO) the best for helping you to identify those strategies - they are truly a winning combination!

    Also do check out Suzanne4's course - you can get it by requesting it from her & giving her your email. It's based around the Saunders Review book & really helped me a lot too! It's a 6 week review & also has some peripheral info that proved more than useful when it came to my exam.

    If I did it with 75 questions, first time, as an "old fart" nurse, years out of school - than so can ALL of you!!!
  5. by   Clarecartwright
    Thanks so much for the advise rebecca you have been an angel too me I really appreciate all your help
  6. by   RGN1
    You're very welcome, it's a pleasure & no more than others here have done for me when I was where you are.

    Just shows what a great community we have here on Allnurses!!
  7. by   Clarecartwright
    here here to All nurses