Why are jobs limited and what changes have occured in the UK

  1. Are nurses really having a hard time getting a jobs in the UK. By reading the other threads it seemed like jobs are limited and nursing has changed greatly. I worked at Addenbrookes Hospital up until 1995, when I left for the USA. I have read that UK nurses have more responsibility's than the USA nurses. I never remember being able to give out drugs to pt without a Doctors order. Doctors then were still doing IV insertions. I was the only nurse in the Neuro operating rm able to do male catheter's as I had done the 'extended role of the nurse', prior to that it was the Doctors task. We did not do head to toe assessment on Pt's on the ward, I never owned a stethoscope. I work in a level 1 trauma center and have a great deal of autonomy. I would like to know how a typical day runs in a general hospital over there.
    The reasons for all these questions are that I may be coming back over to the UK at the end of the year with my husbands job for 3 yrs, and would be grateful if some one could enlighten me on the job situation and the changes. Thanks Sue
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    lots of hospitals have been having financial difficulties and have cut back on jobs, laying staff off including medical and restricting the use of agency. Newly qualified nurses are having problems finding a job even for gaining experience. Before I left to work in a GP surgery I was doing IV access, Venupunture and IV additives and bolus. I didn't do head to toe assessments on my patients like what I hear in the US ie chest and bowels but did do a head to toe assessment on skin, I did own my own stethoscope but that was because I was fed up on getting ear infections despite cleaning them
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    meant to add, even jobs in the Nursing Times has dropped tremendously
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    Thanks Anna.
    Would you say it is worth going back to the UK? Sounds like you are trying to come over here, if so good luck. The job situation is great over here. I like the pay. The pay is great and you get a lot more for you money in most states. Some states are crazy on prices eg California, Florida. Texas is really reasonable on prices. Go to realtor.com and compare house prices , this site has every house in the USA that is for sale.
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    I know this is an older posting but I wanted to ask you if you knew Lynn Clapperton Roberts at Addenbrookes? I think she left in 1987.I qualified in 1986 .I think you will notice a tremendous difference in nursing here and the country in general. Jobs are limited, especially if you want more than a band 5. We can't wait to leave but others (on Band 8s!) will tell you differently.
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    Another point to consider when applying for NHS jobs is that priority goes to nurses who have lost their jobs through cutbacks and also to nurses at risk of losing their jobs.
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    Sorry I did not know lynn Roberts. I was at Addenbrookes from 1991 to 1995. I am sure I would notice a lot of things that have changed over the the last 12 yrs. Do you still work there? and if so do you know Debbie Driver EN now RN ( I think). Sue