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I have lost my calm with the lies CGFNS continues to throw on me everytime I call them. They need to evaluate just one single transcript. At first, I was told it would take 2 weeks for them to... Read More

  1. by   Xaviertrac
    Quote from suzanne4
    Sorry, but that is still not abuse to you. What the original poster was claiming.
    Abuse may not be the correct term, but I certainly share the frustration at the poor service I have received.
    I have been working with CGFNS for several months now. What is really frustrating is that since I left Canada, I have had my credentials evaluated, returned to school and completed all the requirements for a BSN here in TX..I am 1/2 way through my MSN. My BSN program led to licensure- I wrote the NCLEX when I relocated to Florida after graduating from my BSN..just like every new grad.

    CGFNS has sent letters requesting information to the wrong school. They say they sent copies to me and the agency and neither of us have received them. I had to call myself to explain to the agency what was needed and then CGFNS has rejected almost every document that has been sent. The agency has sent them THE EXACT SAME document and then they accept it. Every agency that I spoke to is completely frustrated with them, often they have sent documents 3 and 4 times. They rejected my verification of licensure from the College of Registered Nurses, because they said it did not state I was a registered nurse. The person who processed the request, said they had NEVER had to resubmit with a letter explaining that the title was a registered nurse and he processes 3-4 per day. For God sakes its from the College of Registered Nurses, what do they think I was...a firefighter..at the very least they could pick up the phone and verify that they only issue licenses to Registered Nurses..they didn't even write a letter to request additional information..Just left it hanging until I followed up. The school of nursing said...I have sent them everything.they requested and everything that is in your file..there is nothing else..what more do they want! The school has now refused to provide any additional correspondence to CGFNS..they say it is pointless. My application for OK which is the ONLY US license that I do not have will expire in just a couple of weeks, which means that I will have to reapply AND since I am licensed in every state,,,my new license application will cost me another 60$ to verify CA, 40$ ..to verify PA,,,etc, etc...we are now talking several hundred dollars.

    The irony is that if they don't find my Canadian credentials acceptable..will they send me back to school a third time?????? I already took all the courses here in the states. Maybe I need to do more clinical..I've only been a nurse 20+ years.

    There has to be better agencies out there that can get the work done and provide quality results along with good customer service. My stories pales in comparision to some of my colleagues that have had to deal with them. So much for free enterprise, the consumer didn't get a choice. That's no way to run a business.

    :angryfire Fuming!!!
  2. by   suzanne4
    This thread is more than a year old that you are posting to.
    If you are in the US and have been working, not sure what you are applying thru CGFNS for at this time. CGFNS normally only sends out letters to schools or licensing bureaus for the CVS that is done for NY and only them. For any other state, then it is the CES, and it is your responsibility to make sure that the correct documents are sent to them

    You would have had a Visa Screen Certificate completed when you came down to the US to work, and would have had a CES completed for completing your BSN as it does an assessment of your original training that you did in Canada.

    Can you be more specific as to what you are having done then perhaps we can point you in the correct direction, but it makes no sense that you are having to go thru them again at this time. Things are not adding up for me with what you have posted.