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hi everybody! do you believe that prayers are like incense to the Father's heavenly dwelling? post your wish and commit yourself to say a prayer each day for it (and maybe another's) up until... Read More

  1. by   American Pie
    My Wishes:Present2::Present2:
    1.I wish I get a job next year by January.
    2.I wish that I pass my NCLEX and IELTS Exam next year.
    3. I hope I'll have a (Singular) Girlfriend for the first time in my life. (Hmmph)
    4. The rest is addendum for the New Year's Resolution.
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  2. by   rian
    My wishes for Christmas..:Holly1:

    1.Good health for me and my family.
    2.Go to Canada and pass the SEC assessment.
    3.lose 5 lbs....to reach my ideal weight.(120lbs..hehehe)

    4.get a bf..

    5.for everyone to have peace of mind and love in their heart.
  3. by   thenurse2006
    My wish is impossible! I wish there is no snow in new york!
  4. by   Rep
    Quote from lenjoy03
    6. to meet suzanne, lawrence, pinoy_guy someday! even just on friendster.... hehehe.....

    merry christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i already met suzzane and a couple of posters here are in my friendster list.... merry christmas to everyone.....
  5. by   manilagurl14
    world peace!
    and good health to all!
  6. by   nub4sh
    I just wish i will pass NCLEX!
  7. by   honeylet_1710
    More visa for nurses who wish to go to US...and I wish that retrogression will be over soon and more and more production of safe and competent nurses
  8. by   thenurse2006
    Quote from Rep
    I already met Suzzane and a couple of posters here are in my Friendster list.... Merry Christmas to everyone.....

    Oh rep you met suzanne!!! I would love to! HI suzanne!
  9. by   feverish

    i just got ONE of my christmas wish..... I PASSED THE CGFNS EXAM despite all the obstacles and challenges regarding my health i was able to make it.......!!!!!!!!!
  10. by   datukuno
    green card!!!