What to include in a Resume?

  1. What makes a good resume for nurses? In the U.S., the more concise and straight to the point is better right?

    What not to put or a must to put in?

    What should 2nd coursers, MD-RNs and newly grads need to include and emphasize on their resume since they are entry levels.

    How about those who have lots of clinical experience in their respective countries? Would all matter or just the O.R. since pretty much all units are diff. from the U.S. (except the O.R.)

    Thanks. :wink2:
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  3. by   suzanne4
    The US nurses also list what their experiences are, so that it would make them a better choice for the position. If you have no work experience yet, then list the different areas that you covered when you were in school, if you did a preceptorship in the OR, what specialy, did you scrub and circulate?

    Did you volunteer on weekends? If so, doing what?

    The idea of the resume is to make it so that the facility would be interested in hiring you by the experiences that you bring along with you.
  4. by   nurseMargo
    Go to "Nursing Career Advice", you will find lots of wonderful and helpful info there.
    All you need to know about everything
  5. by   lawrence01
    Thanks Suzanne, Margo.