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what is the difference between F1 and M1 visa my friend told me that when I hold M1 visa ,I can't change my status to F1...is it true? thank you... Read More

  1. by   lawrence01
    Quote from kankuro
    maybe i am... but i'm actually thinking of nursing as my fallback for the moment.. sounds crazy eh! i'm just trying to cover my bases.. i want to get new skills and opportunities in other health fields. coz the retrogression isn't going to end soon, & i still have mouths to feed and bills to pay hehe I might be making a mistake, so lets weigh in on some options...
    Like what I have been trying to say, being on M1 will not give you permission to adjust status to GC and not even an H1B working visa if it's not related to the course taken up in M1. Also, the H1B working visa requires min. of bachelor's degree so an M1 will also not allow it.

    What can be done on an M1 student visa is very limited compared to an F1. The situation is almost the same as someone visiting the US on an actual tourist visa versus someone visiting the US on a VISA Waiver program that most European countries and Developed Asian-Pacific countries are entitled to. Those using the Visa Waiver program can get in the US w/o a tourist visa but they are limited to only 3 mos. stay compared to 6 mos. stay for someone with a tourist visa. They also cannot adjust status to whatever visa. Liken the M1 as the counterpart of the Visa Waiver program.

    And one of the things that they consider is if the one applying for it shows proof that they do not intend to stay and go back home after the course is finish and other subtle details they take in consideration. They have been very strict in giving out student visas now. Once they deduce you have other intentions, they will prob. not grant you one.
  2. by   suzanne4
    To sum up everything that we have been telling you:
    There is no way that you will be able to remain in the US with the M1 visa and plan to work in the role of the RN. Just no way to do it.

    And please take a look again at what the requirements are for that specific visa, it is not the same as the F-1, and is for more short type course work that will not get you a visa to remain here in the first place when it is done. You are also limited on it as far as working when you are here, and it cannot be adjusted to any other visa.

    We have told you that it is not a good idea, you are the one that makes the final decision; and if you make a bad one and do not wish to listen to us, then you will deal with the consequences of your decision.

    It is that simple. You have asked this question several times and in several ways, and you have gotten the same answer each and every time.

    Best of luck to you, but trying to circumvent things is not a good thing. Your chance of getting to the US and being able to work here at all is a privilege, and only that. You need to meet the requirements for working here with the appropriate visa. Any time that someone tries to take a shortcut, they find themselves with a big bite.

    If you need to support your family, then do what others do and try going to another country for several years to work.
  3. by   kankuro
    I-539: If you are an M-1 student, you are not eligible for a change to F-1 status, and you are not eligible for a change to any H status if the training you received as an M-1 helps you qualify for the H status. Also, you may not be granted a change to M-1 status for training to qualify for H status.-- Of course I want to do things legally, as the consequences is just going to be unbearable. Don't worry I'm a scaredy cat and i probably won't try risking all of it. I'm just trying to get some ideas, options....