what are your thoughts about foundation hospitals?

  1. There aren't that many nursing discussions in this UK forum, so I was just wondering what everyone thinks about the idea of foundation hospitals?
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  4. by   tony summers
    I think they are a good idea, as long as government funding is not reduced when further money is raised. This problem probably won't occur immediately but if they start to prove a success and raise money i can forsee that their central budget will be cut.
  5. by   karenG
    yep- I agree with Tony. I think they are a good idea but wonder if non foundation hospitals will suffer because funding is going to the better hospitals. It will allow hospitals to escape central control and let them be more creative with the money they recieve. might even mean more nurses and less admin staff!!!

  6. by   CliveUK
    I think they mark a return to the bad old days of the internal market, dressed up as rewarding excellence. As a nurse who suffered through the years of Thatcherite misrule of the NHS, I am extremely disappointed that a Labour government is bringing this in.
  7. by   donmurray
    Couldn't agree more, Clive. It may well be a precursor to the breakup of the NHS. And the tories think it's a good idea! Kiss of death as far as I'm concerned.