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Hi everyone thought id ask the question What are the realities of nursing? Im needing help as I started my nursing diploma course last week and have had my first bit of homework which is to find out... Read More

  1. by   sweetpealoubylou
    Hi everyone my presentation went really well, all of us in our group had nerves of some kind =0)

    thank you all for your imput and advice

    Lou x
  2. by   madwife2002
    Quote from EmerNurse
    This sounds like a great project - I'd love to see the final result!

    MYTH: Patients always listen to their nurse.
    TRUTH: Patients do what they want or what is convenient for them and will argue to get their way.

    MYTH: Nurses are always professional and never get emotional.
    TRUTH: Some patients will pull at your heartstrings, some will make you want to VENT ON ALLNURSES, some will just make you laugh. Nurses do cry.

    MYTH: Helping people is its own reward.
    TRUTH: Nurses need and deserve good pay and benefits, we work hard for it.

    MYTH: All nurses have a strong work ethic and always do what the absolute best they can.
    TRUTH: I wish.

    MYTH: Our work environment is designed with patient outcomes and quality care in mind.
    TRUTH: All too often, it's the almight dollar - sadly.

    MYTH: Nurses are overworked, underpaid, dead tired, and not respected.
    TRUTH: OOPS, that was the truth <sigh>.

    TRUTH: Most of us still love being a nurse!

    You are so right Couldnt have said it better myself
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    Glad it went well Sweetpea - you'll have to let us know your grade.

    Looks like this thread will run a bit longer though - it is a fun topic!