Wannabe a nurse!

  1. Hi guys

    Basically my situation is: I have the 5 GCSE's required + 2 A levels, im 20 and have spent the past year concentrating on my rugby I was planning on doing this until i was 23/24 then applying but the burning desire to become a nurse has become far too great to ignore. Due to work commitments at the moment i'm only able to work in a nursing home every other weekend (wish it was more, absolutely love it). Ok, I'll stop rambling my main fear is that i'm going to struggle getting past the interview board cause of lack of experience, if anyone could shed some light on what avenues i could take I would be very very grateful.

    Oh, the universities I'm applying to are: Hull, Huddersfield, St martins (Carlisle campus) and University West of England

    Cheers Mark
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  3. by   karenG
    Hey Mark........... you'll be fine! I started training at the tender age of 18.. what experiance do you think I had?? I'd worked as a waitress... which i am sure helps!! but had no 'nurse' experiance.

    good luck.... let us know where you end up!

  4. by   Whisper
    I started at uni straight after my a-levels, I was 18 and very naive, I had worked for mencap and mcdonalds! My only nursing experince was a two week trident work experience placement!

    Good luck and keep us informed
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  5. by   Mike RGN
    Thats relevant experience, compared to most I interview you have tons, show your wish to be a nurse at interview, stay calm and you will walk it.
  6. by   uk_nurse
    You will be fine..........ok i had some work experience of working in a hospital, but at the end of the day it,s how you come across in the interview and your eagerness you said you have will surely get you in. No probs. good luck!
  7. by   Good_Queen_Bess
    I qualified 4 years ago and trained at Hull Uni (very good health library as I remember). Some of the people I trained with had no experience at all, but it didn't really matter (although I think it probably does help). UK Nurse is right, it IS how you come across in your interview. Your qualifications are fine for Hull Uni (well they were when I applied). If you do get in there, you'll have to let me know all the gossip about some of the lecturers. I was born in Hull and now live in Leeds, and although I don't really like the place anymore, it is a cheap place to live and university life was fun. Good luck! Let us know how you get on!