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  1. Hello and Happy New Year!

    I am a staff nurse working in recovery/PACU in Southampton. We do shifts at weekends under the Waiting List Initiative (WLI) and the pay is currently under review. If anyone of you also do these either in theatres or on the surgical wards, could you possibly post how much you get and the conditions.

    This is what we are paid currently:

    100 per 3.5 hour session. A shift can vary from 1 to 3 sessions. If we work 1 hour into a session we get paid for the entire session. Ie. 4.5 hour shift (not including breaks) = 2 sessions. HCAs get 65 per session and I hear that anaesthetists are paid 900.

    Any replies would be very much appreciated.
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  3. by   XB9S
    We do but just get overtime rates on agenda for change
  4. by   Finsecker
    Hello Sharrie, thanks for replying. There's definitely a lot of difference between what individual trusts are willing to pay. Would be interesting to hear about anyone else doing these lists. Thanks.
  5. by   MaryAnn_RN
    I haven't done WLI for years but we are paid an enhanced rate at our Trust for any extra shifts we do (ITU and HDU only, with relevant experience/qualifications).
  6. by   MandaAnda
    I wish our Trust still did that, scarymary. Ugh...they've recently taken away the specialist pay, and you're no longer paid weekly for bank shifts but a month in lieu!
  7. by   cheshirecat
    I get paid double time up to mid band 5 so about 23 a hour. Hope this helps.
  8. by   Finsecker
    Yeah that helps, thanks for replying. I'm starting to think we've got a good deal!
  9. by   auntsas82
    Sorry this is an older post, and a bit off topic but I thought you might be able to answer my questions I am in IL looking at working the summer at Southhamptom ICU. Have you heard any reviews on how exactly this works? I am concerned about the shared housing arrangment, do you know what the housing is like? Also how difficult would it be to get around with out a car there? I am trying to decide whether to fly or drive. If you just have any reviews I would greatly appreciate the information. THanks
  10. by   Finsecker
    Hi auntsas,

    I assume you mean southampton in the states? Are you in IL as in Illinois? I am in the UK. If you mean southampton England then I'm not sure what you mean about shared housing etc. Hope you find someone with the info you need.
  11. by   auntsas82
    Oh sorry for the confusion, yes I was talking about southampton NY. I am in Illinois! Thanks