Waiting for Retrogression to be lift up....an agony - page 2

Hi...My agency representative applied on my behalf for an EB3 visa.my priority date is June 24, 2005...They have paid my visa bill too..I was informed that my papers are in the NVC. After NVC, what... Read More

  1. by   YAJRN
    Not a good thing for a 2008 applicant like you. Many are also in waiting those people who have their pds at 2004 and their case is already complete. Mine was completed last week. the later you have applied for I-140 the lesser the chances. Because of the high demand plus the dependents take note of that. It's the reality. As Madam Suzzane said ,read a lot of threads here. The more you read the more you will know. I've been reading all of the threads here for 2 years already.