VISASCREEN GOODNEWS for june 2006 - page 2

Hi fellow batchmates!! It's been a while since i posted here. Anyway to share the goodnews to all. Don't fret, we beat them, didn't we. Below is a news from cgfns about my visascreen application.... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    What all of you are failing to see is that she did not accept the license that would have been issued to her, how many of you have done that? If you received a license based on that exam, that is where the problem comes up for you. And it cannot be changed now for you.
  2. by   suzanne4
    no license there is the key.
  3. by   Starbee
    Hi Grace, I'm also a June 2006 passer, I registered at PRC, how did you do about your visa screen?
  4. by   sugarRN
    Hmmm.. what's the best thing to do? Im also a june 2006 huhuhuhu. i wanna cry...
  5. by   aNgeL_gaL
    nah...dont cry.. your not alone right? were 17k plus who are waiting for their final result. We can work right. weve spend sleepless nights and hardships making NCP's, projects, researches,crying moments because of toxic c.i's,duties and overtime just to finish our cases....The 4 years we honed in college is I guess a little indulgment that we had and I think its not a waste of time... So take the fruit that you planted..Lets work and gain experience.. we can work in our country, while waiting for the result right..Dont give up...ive been stagnant and stressed, even cried late nights hearing news and comments on how they would easily say retake is the best answer..They cant feel our agony deep in our hearts, even though we want to explain our sides still were not on the right track..Lets pray and Hope that these will end..
  6. by   suzanne4
    If you are registered with the PRC as having taken that exam, that is where your issue is. Nothing can be done at this point for you until CGFNS issues a decision and they have not.

    Grace did not register to get her license............
  7. by   suzanne4
    Quote from ctatacute
    to grace: did you declare that you took the June 2006 exam?

    i've read the application form for VSC and it's not asking if she took a local exam or not.. so being a june 2006 passer is not written in her application, I guess they would figure it out only if she has a local license.. (this is what I think)

    but still, I hope this is a good news for all of us..

    Go back and take a look at that application again, you need to send a document to the PRC to complete, called verification of nursing license. To leave that out is considered fraud and grouds for being refused entry into the US ever.
  8. by   edward12
    Quote from gracediwa
    Yes I did tell them that I was a June 2006 passer. And I included a letter with my application with their corresponding reply.
    Good for you! :hatparty:
    The point is,even you passed the NLE, you didnt register for the PRC, so you have no Phil. License. Thats the thing , they approve Visascreens that have no NLE (2006 Batch).
    Lucky for me, I didnt take the 2006 NLE. I graduated last April, 2006. I applied for Visascreen and they are still waiting for my Nclex results.:roll
  9. by   devshop
    i know a friend who passed the june 2006 NLE. her visascreen certificate is now on its way to her house... she's happier than ever. good luck to other june 2006 passers!
  10. by   Rep
    Quote from devshop
    i know a friend who passed the june 2006 NLE. her visascreen certificate is now on its way to her house... she's happier than ever. good luck to other june 2006 passers!
    Glad to know that.
  11. by   suzanne4
    Grace does not have a license to practice in the Philippines, she did not get one. Therefore, if the retrogressio were to last for sometime, she would be unable to work as an RN there.

    As far as the VSC, she does not have a license to be verified, the rest of you that took that exam have a license and that is where you are having the issues.

    Until CGFNS makes an actual statement on what they are doing for all, this thread is closed. The he said/she said look at me is not tolerated here.