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I just found out a few days ago that my husband and I will be transferring to Aberdeen. I just wanted to know if anyone knows a good travel agency ? I figure the benefits are better than going... Read More

  1. by   madwife2002
    I have to add that there are a few of us old timers around, by that i mean nurses who trained before 1992 who have the all round training so are similar to what the US nurse have to do.
    Of course you dont get rewarded for having a degree, they only try to force your hand by 'encouraging' you to do one.
    I have had a degree since 2002 and nobody has ever asked me to see it! Nor what classification I had! :chuckle
  2. by   letina
    Way back when I was training, I remember thinking to myself "wonder why we have to do psych when we are gonna be general nurses?" Then as time went on, I realised that people with mental health problems DO get sick and are hospitalised. Needless to say, the psych training comes into its own at this stage. My point is, general nurses need to have some insight into how to manage a patient who is admiited to a general ward but also has mental health issues. Last time I looked, that hasn't changed and can't for the life of me see why the psych module has been withdrawn from the syllabus. Unless there's an ulterior motive?
  3. by   may24
    As a previous work permit holder - your spouse is dependent on permit. They are able to work with no restrictions or limitations barr access to welfare and benefits - not that yuo would want to piddly amount of money. Work permits are now issued before the nurse comes to the UK. Home office and rules are strict much like the US Id say.
  4. by   topscot
    i am a rn from aberdeen who is in the process of moving to the us hav just passed the nclex and am goin thru immigration.i hav lived and worked in aberdeen all my life and cant wait to is cold and expensive espacially property husbands uncle is a nurse in miami and he would never consider returning to aberdeen.nursing at ari is a low paid thankless task.i am on the top pay scale and work nights in a high trauma unit and pay is about 23000 pounds per annum,i would advise working for the hospital,agencies arent always guaranteed hours