US nurse moving to Brisbane - page 2

I was recently offered a job @ a hospital in Brisbane. I am currently working as an RN in the USA. Looking to move to AZ sometime in July. I am moving by myself. I am currently looking for apartments... Read More

  1. by   CaliforniaONC
    Hello! Sunshine888...Have you arrived in Brisbane yet? I am just taking my English test in a couple days and hope to have all my paperwork mailed before then. How long did it take for your license, and then visa? Where did you end up finding a place, and about how much is rent? I am accepting a position on your same floor and would LOVE any information you have figured out, please let me know!!
  2. by   kLepTo
    Hello, any updates on your situations? (@ CaliforniaONC and sunshine888)

    I'm interested in moving to Australia too.