UK Psychiatric nurse got permission to test in NJ without making up hours!!

  1. Hi all,

    When I first started posting here I ran a thousand searches looking for information on UK trained Psychiatric / Mental Health trained nurses being able to nurse in the usa. I looked endlessly both on the boards here and on the internet in general. Everything I read depressed me, it all said at worst I couldnt work there at all without totally re-training here in uk a general nurse or at best I would have to make up lots of hours.

    Well I am pleased to say it was not correct!! I was told here by Suzanne that it was a totally individual thing based on what hours of theory and practice you had done NOT what training you had done Pschiatric or General. She was totally correct, I submitted my application to CGFNS for Credential Review and got my report last week. Today I got confirmation from the NJ BON that I WAS eligable to sit NCLEX and never had any hours to make up!!!!!

    I am so so happy, totally delighted. It is a really complicated process the info out there on what to do and what order to do it in is so confusing and cgfns service is slow and frustrating but I am glad I have got through it!

    My next steps are to continue reviewing for nclex and register with Pearson Vue to sit nclex when Im nearly ready to test.

    So anyone from UK out there especially psychiatric nurses I did my training 1997-2000 I did the last year of Project 2000 nurse training and had NO hours to make up so go for it apply to cgfns DO NOT BELIEVE all you read that Psychiatric nurses cannot sit nclex or nurse in usa.

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I am pleased for you but current training depends on the universty to whether they will allow students to do enough hours in all specialities.There have been threads on the UK forum where universities will not allow students to do hours in other areas. The best thing for everyone is to get there transcripts and get CES report done if they are planning on working in the US.
  4. by   RGN1
    You trained on an older style course - which we all acknowledge probably did have enough hours. As SD said it's the newer courses which many have found lacking.

    I totally agree that you should apply for your CES before worrying - I think you'll see that's what many people have posted on the UK forum.

    Having said all that - going to the USA is a MAJOR pain - so I hope you have a HUGE tub of "patience" pills & access to a photocopier because you're going to need both - LOTS!!!

    All the best xxx
  5. by   suzanne4
    Glad to hear that you do not have courses to make up.

    But for others that have recently graduated, more than likely they will have hours to make up as the curriculum has changed significantly in the past few years.

    For the others out there, always get a credentials eval to know where you stand before doing anything else.