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Hi, I am a nurse in the U.S. and I am doing a paper on Universal healthcare. I would love to hear from a nurse in the U.K. about what your system is like. All the articles I have found depict it as... Read More

  1. by   cariad
    the health care may be free at the point of care and you pay for it in your wages, but compared to here you are very lucky.
    we have had some free point of care treatment, it cost $75 as a co-pay the day that dh was taken by ambulance after our car crash, since then the ambulance wanted $800 and after the insurance paid their part of the bill we have been left to pay $8,000. my day surgery had a $980 co-pay on the day that i had it and i am left to pay a third of a $20,000 bill. and we also pay social security payments in our wages and pay medical insurance payments.
    i need physio on my arm and the insurance have refused to pay after 60 days as thats all it covers. so we are paying $600 a month and cant access what we need. the physio costs $450 a week.
  2. by   RGN1
    I think this discussion just goes to show that there's no really good solution. Personally I do think that a universal healthcare system in the ideal world is the best thing but because of abuse by patients, management & quite frankly government it is always going to struggle.

    Rather than fine hospitals I think we should be able to fine the abusers :-). The head of the trust where I used to work who spent all that money on stupid glossy brochures should have had the cost of that deducted from his own over-inflated wage packet!!

    Equally the hospitals here should be able to claim the costs of treating all the illegal immigrants from the governments of the country where they originated from! IMO of course