Tuition fee in UP Masters in Nursing

  1. Is there anyone who knows how much is the tuition for Masters in Nursing in UP Manila? How about in UP Open University? Is there any difference? I'm interested in taking up my Masters in UP. I have visited their website but I still have some queries on my mind. Is there anyone here who have taken up masters in nursing in UP? I'm planning to drop by at their office in Manila if my schedule permits, but as of the moment I'll try my luck on finding as much information as possible in the internet. Thank you nurses!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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  4. by   lactamase
    Call their office or check the website. I believe it's 900+ per units plus 1000+ for other fees
  5. by   tron22
    im also planning to study MAN in UP. Did you found out how to apply in their admission? and how about admission packet? tnx.
  6. by   missjenmarie
    yes. I went to Up-Manila yesterday. Deadline of submission of requirement is on April 15 if you want to start classes on June.
  7. by   Sheilalimngan
    I applied for this sem.. They'll announce those admitted around this month.

    Unfortunately, deadline for submission of requirements for the 1st semester was last FEBRUARY. Visit their page and you'll find all the infos there.

    As for how much... i believe it's 1k per unit. so for this coming semester, I believe it'll be around 9k-10k which includes the misc. fees also.
  8. by   Sheilalimngan
    you guys already passed the deadline for this sem. deadline was last Feb. 28 pa.

    As for the tuition, it's 1k per unit. so for this sem it'll be around 9-10k including the misc. fees.

    I'm waiting for the lest of admitted students. Wish me luck!
  9. by   tron22
    im applying for june 2011. how will I know if i'm accepted? where they gonna post the list?
  10. by   Sheilalimngan
    I'm referring to UPOU.

    They'll post those admitted sa UPOU site. they'll also inform you through email and by post if you are admitted.
  11. by   miaka84
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    How was your UPOU experience? Question, is it possible to register and study while abroad? I mean, do you need to go and report to UP every now and then (exams) or you can do it online? Thanks..