Tuition fee in fatima?

  1. How much is the tuition fee in our lady of Fatima university for nursing?And how much is the room or dormitory.And kailan ang start ng class sa nursing.
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  3. by   colette0124
    hi..for 1st yr i think its 15thou up...2nd yr-20thou up...3rd yr-30thou up and 4th yr-40thou up...the room and dorm rate depends..minimum rate start at 1thou/month
  4. by   NURSERUBY1206
    Quote from jtanga
    How much is the tuition fee in our lady of Fatima university for nursing?And how much is the room or dormitory.And kailan ang start ng class sa nursing.
    ei- you planning to study at fatima? at valenzuela or qc? there are more boarding houses near the qc campus (because it is within a subdivision). but the nursing buildings in qc campus are scattered, you have to take a jeep to get from one place to another... i don't know if this would help you, but i just want to let you know.
  5. by   x_hey_x
    kailan ang registration/enrollment dates sa olfu? tri-semester ba sa olfu?kailan ba ang next enrollment after july 2009? please help...

    when the registration / enrollment dates in olfu? tri-semester in olfu? when the next enrollment after july 2009? please help...
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  6. by   yoo jin
    Quote from x_hey_x
    kailan ang registrion/enrollment dates sa Fatima? tri-semester ba sa OLFU? kailan ang next enrollment after July 2009? please help...
    Hi, xx hey xx...

    Please use English language on your posts. It's not only us, Filipinos who subscribe in the forum. Thanks
  7. by   kyckerz
    please try to post your messages in english, for that is one of the forum rules.if you want to post in your native language, you may use private or visitor messages to the person you want to talk to.

    in regards to your query x_hey_x, our lady of fatima university is a bi-semestral school. if you wish to enroll in the university for the incoming semester, you can enroll anytime starting today until the 2nd week of classes.
  8. by   x_hey_x
    what is the time frame for the first semester and second semester? it it possible to enroll or start for second semeter? or you can only enroll until june? i'm going back to the philippines between sep and oct to take nursing, do u think i'll be able to enroll by that time or do i have to wait until next year to enroll? what is the enrollment date for 2nd semester?
  9. by   kyckerz
    First sem starts mid June to early/mid October, covering three and a half months, while late October or early November to late March, depending on the number of calamities (typhoon/storm/flood) or holidays that cancelled the previous semester's classes

    The thing that you can do is to enroll for second semester of 2009. If you enroll past July, you will skip a month / months of schooling, which is vital so if you're going back here in the country at such date, I advice you to get the second semester slot, since they also offer subjects which are available for 1st semester
  10. by   spongebob6286
    maybe you can call their college of nursing office, i believe they can give you all the informations you needed.

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