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  1. Any Canadian RN did travel nursing before? How was your experience? How do you choose where to go?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    There are many Canadian nurses doing travel assignments in the US. You will need to pass NCLEX, as well as have a Visa Screen Certificate in hand before you will be able to begin.
  4. by   lalaxton
    If you are already a Canadian RN, you could consider working for an agency in a nursing station. You need at least ER or ICU experience and you are isolated and practice with an expanded scope, but it is similar to travel nursing in that your travel and accomodations are paid, the money is excellent (I have made $45/hr+ overtime) and you can go in some places for as little as one week. One agency that covers many provinces is Bayshore (although I have not worked for them, I know people who have and have had lots of support) I think they have offices in most provinces and you can probably find them on the net. In my opinion, this is the best deal in travel nursing in Canada.
  5. by   Fiona59
    I've only heard good things about Bayshore as well.
  6. by   aypo
    Thanks for responses.

    Fiona59> what kind of good things?
  7. by   Fiona59
    They offer a training package which refreshes some of your "underutilized" skills before you get your assignment from them. They are also very supportive of their staff. They do a lot of home care type assignments in western Canada and people I know have only said good things about them. Their wages are very good for non-union.

    Why don't you check out their website. I think its It tells you about what they do and where they do it.