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I would like to know if anyone has any information on how to become a travel nurse who works in London. I have met a large number of travel nurses in the hospital I currently work in and would like... Read More

  1. by   Coffee Nurse
    Just to follow up on this topic, I received an email from Continental recently looking for past nurses to come back and work for them, saying they have a new owner. Their website has finally been updated and now it appears they're reimbursing a good chunk of the visa/registration/testing fees for new hires provided you agree to work a year for them. I'm not sure how they're getting around the Home Office's prohibition of sponsoring people to hire out to other employers. They've been less than fully transparent with their employees in the past and I'd be very sure to nail down every detail on paper before signing anything with them, but they may be a better option now than they were before.

    ETA: Oh, I see, they appear to be flogging travel jobs for people who wouldn't need tier 2 visas -- those with UK/EU ancestry or Commonwealth citizens under age 31 -- and recruiting others into permanent staff positions. They may still not be useful to you.
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