To Uk Nurses, What's Life In The Us Like?

  1. I'm a nurse here in England who's about to finish the final processing in obtaining a US VISA. Hopefully I'd be leaving the country soon. I'm just curious to know if a lot of UK nurses are happy , now that they have settled in the US.

    Any advice? Your response is much appreciated!
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  3. by   madwife2002
    At first it is difficult you dont imagine there will be a cultural change, it is a shock. Nobody really understands what you are saying and you have to explain yourself lots of times. Some of us get homesick and you really cant put your finger on what you miss from the UK you just miss it-you even miss the NHS believe it or not.
    You expect first rate treatment in shops but the reality is it is just like at home, you get good and bad treatment. Somethings you find are not as advanced as the UK and some things are better.

    Once you settle down and become part of the community, make friends buy a house and just generally start looking at it as home it is a wonderful place to live.

    Here in Phoenix have to say the worse problem is the driving it is awful-everything else is fab.
  4. by   cariad
    i suppose we can all only comment on the different states that we are in.
    we love the lifestyle over here. we are in our third year and sometimes it still seems like it has only been a short time since we lived in the uk.
    some people get homesick, but life back home will never seem the same after being here.
    we have got really good friends who are like our family now.
  5. by   scott33
    Quote from madwife2002
    Nobody really understands what you are saying and you have to explain yourself lots of times.
    Having to repeat yourself ad nauseum is not something you consider until you get here. However, unless your normal accent resembles an old Pathe Newsreel announcer, you will find that many people wont understand you. The problem is they listen to your "cute" accent, not the content.

    Whatever you liked most about the UK, is probably what you will miss most in the US. It is definitely a culture shock, and in my opinion, takes well in excess of a year to even start to give it time.

    Living in a capitalist society is a little different to what you may be used to. Everyone wants to make a profit on everything, and work comes before play...Always!!! You will get strange looks if you tell someone you would prefer good health over a substantial lottery win, such is the fixation with the $$$$ :trout: . To be fair though, this mindset does drive a pretty strong economy.

    I still miss a lot about the UK. Like Madwife said, it's hard to put your finger on; perhaps just the familiar surroundings, family, sense of pragmatism etc. For me, the UK is now a place to visit. The US is home, and I am very happy to be here, despite my ramblings

    Good luck with your move.
  6. by   suehp

    I have been here 14 months on the East Coast of Florida and I would say the first 10 months for us was a settling in period - not sure whether we liked it or not....whether we missed anything from the Uk or not...a lot of things were uncertain.....but take into accoutn moving into a new home, getting new cars, starting a new job and kids starting school and add to that finding your own bearings plus making all took time.

    I have to say that I dont miss anything much from the Uk except family & friends and certain foods!!!! That might change as we are planning our first trip to the Uk in the summer for a visit - ask me again then!

    Yes I have to repeat myself sometimes as some dont get our sense of humour!! BUT eveyrone comments on what a lovely accent we all have and even now people say "Welcome to the United States"....

    We are very happy:spin: