To Our Lady of Fatima students..

  1. What is NSP1 AND NSP2....I need some description psl.

    And also what is Health care 1 & 2 /w RLE

    I studied LVN here in America and im not sure if that health care 1 and 2 is the same with Intro to client care centered 1a & 1b I need help.

    client care 1a is 14.00 credits
    client care 1b is 10.50 credits
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Does not actually matter what you did in the US, more than likely you will not be given credit for those classes. Same thing as if you did them in the Philippines and then wished to transfer them to the US.

    Each candidate has their credentials reviewed by the program and they will decide what they will accept and what they will not. In actual nursing programs, most are not accepted for transfer credits. The LPN is not a recognized license in the Philippines in the first place.

    Best way to get the information that you want is to get it from the school directly.
  4. by   PINOY-NURSE
    Im not sure if i can answer completely your question but based from what i know, about NSP 1 and NSP 2.. maybe your talking about NSTP 1 and NSTP 2, they are requirements for Filipino students that replaced the old ROTC program.. NSTP stands for National Service Training Program.. Filipino students are required to choose either to enroll in those programs.. Schools have the option of offering ROTC programs or CWS programs..

    Regarding Health Care I, it is mainly a subject regarding Fundamentals of Nursing (Nursing Theories, History of Nursing, Communication Techniques, Basic Nursing Concepts and the like) and the performance of basic nursing skills are part of its RLE.. It is taken in the first semester by 2nd year BSN students in the Phils.

    Regarding Health Care II, it is involved with Community Health Nursing (Epidemiology, DOH Programs, Vital Statistics, Community Organizing, etc.) and an immersion or duty to a particular community or community health center affiliated to the school you are enrolling with is part of the RLE.. In case of Our Lady of Fatima, i learned from my cousin that they were sent to a far, far rural community because of the large volume of students in Our Lady of Fatima University that they cannot let all the students practice Community Health Nursing in communities/health center within Metro Manila.. Some of the OLFU students had their community immersion in provinces near Metro Manila such as Rizal, Bulacan and Laguna..
  5. by   x_hey_x
    If you finished nursing from OLFU, will it be accredited in the US? or is OLFU accredited in the US?
  6. by   messageinabox
    Here is OLFU's website
    About your concern re: accreditation in the US, here is a list of OLFU's accreditations for Doctor of Medicine.
    Fully accredited by the Association of the Philippine Medical Colleges
    Ranked 2nd in the PRC Report (as per 1996 for 50 to 100 graduates)
    Listed in the World Health Organization Geneva Recognized Medical Schools
    Accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education
    Accredited by the New York State Board of Education
    Fatima has an ongoing Clerkship Program with the Peninsula Hospital Center in New York and Jackson Park in Chicago
    Recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to administer Title IV Program

    No listing for the College of Nursing's accreditations/affiliations in the US.
  7. by   jusstme
    nstp1 and 2 are only required for filipino citizens if you are US citizen you will not be required to take it. as for health care 1&2 it should be accredited i was accredited both and i was only a CNA in california.