those friends you study nursing with

  1. it was my birthday today.

    and i couldnt think of anyone better to spend my time with that those i studied nursing with.

    nursing bonds people together. i love these people so much, the are my closest friends. they love me for who i am, and accept my quirkyness despite only knowing them only for 5 years. i have known people longer, but they never KNEW me. nursing through uni still gives you that closesness and affinity you get with those you went through hospital based training. i love these people so much.

    infact i remember an 80year old nurse coming in in a lecture while at uni, talking about how, at her age, her nursing friends still come and bring her chicken soup when she's ill. 70 years after studying together. and they have been there for all the ups and down of life.

    i think that is the most beautiful thing in the world. nursing friends

    by the way. i got dumpes by my boyfriend on my b'day. not impressed !!!

    i would like to hear about your frineds you met through nursing. its such a glorious thing.

    love to all!!!
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  3. by   muffie
    hi and happy birthday :hatparty:
    i met my best friend in the whole wide world in college
    we are total opposites but clicked
    i love her like a sister
    now we live far apart but when we get together it is like time never passed
    she is quality people
    i am surely blessed to have her im my life
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  4. by   talaxandra
    Happy birthday! (What a not-nice, I-use-no-expletives-here-but-only-because-of-the-TOS, guy).
    I've just been to a barbie with a bunch of friends I trained with - 17 years on, many of us have stopped nursing, and we're still great friends. There's something about that foxhole experience...
    One of my friends was talking about her worst shift and started with "So I had X [long-term patient with a painful family, on the most notorious ward in the hospital]" and we all groaned in chorus, before chiming in with our own X stories.
    It's good to know that this bond hasn't been lost in the transition out of hospital training
  5. by   Grace Oz
    My best mates are those I trained and nursed with. We're all in our 50's now and the friendships only get better with time and age. And, yes, we take each other soup etc when one of us is ill! :-) Always there for each other. We know and understand without words. It's wondeful!
  6. by   joannep
    And that is what these young nurses lack today, solid friendships that are formed during training schools and that last for a lifetime.
    I agree, my best friends are those I trained with.
  7. by   bubblesthenurse
    i have to confess, i thought i would lose out on that bonding, having gone through the uni system.... but theses girls are my world.

    from what i can tell, its not as solid is it would have been if it was all done in nurses colleges, but its there. we've been through eachothers breakups, engagements, breakup of engagments, pregnancies, miscarriages, hitting the single scene together.

    ive never felt so close to anyone. boyfriends dont 'get' me as well as these girls.

    plus its only been 2 years post graduation, so there still many more years to come to build on our friendship.
  8. by   Schatzi RN CEN
    I shared an appartment with two other nursing students, both of whom I love very much and we still get together all the time. One of the was a true blonde (inside and out). We could be sitting there and be talking about one thing all afternoon and in the middle of a conversation she would lift her head and go "HUUNNH, what are you talking about" like she had just walked in. We still laugh about that all the time. Wished our schedules were not so different, making it very hard to get together.