thirty odd foot of grunts

  1. Does anyone like this aussie band? I am a Russell Crowe fanatic and bought a CD thinking their music would not be very good. I really enjoy every song. Imported CDs are hard to get in the states even at Virgin Megastore you cannot order imports which is odd. I cannot get any of their other CDs.

    They have toured here once, only played in Austin. I live in Ohio so I could not go.

    Has anyone listened to Danielle Spencers music? If so what was it like? Of course I cannot get that here either.

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  3. by   OzNurse69
    Hey renerian.....I'm sorry, but TOFOG would have to be one of the most talentless bunch of misfits ever to cut a CD.....Russ may be able to act, but he certainly can't sing!!

    His GF, on the other hand, can. Does anyone remember when her father used to be on Playschool?? (or am I showing my age was quite a few years ago....!!!)
  4. by   bewbew
    I remember him on Playschool!
  5. by   Tookie
    Id forgotten he was on Playschool - I do think she has talent and is very attractive - I also think Russel can act - cant comment on his singing
    Know he live up My SIL's way - Beautiful pery of OZ
    As for getting the music - what about going to the Riussel crowe site (must be one l am sure) maybe they could tell you how to get ho;d of the music
  6. by   Tookie
    I just looked at what l typed - I am so sorry l really have problems at time
    I meant to say Beautiful part of Aus
    Please bare with me and my dreadful spelling and grammer
  7. by   OzNurse69
    Hey bewbew.....I was just thinking "I didn't think bewbew was that old".....when I probably watched Don Spencer on Playschool, but I watched Don Spencer on Playschool with my children......LOL!!!
  8. by   Tookie
    So did l
    its so scary to think that both Russel and danialle in theroy could (be at a scretch) old enough to be my children - not that l would mind id they were my kids as such
    OK digging my self into a hole here\
    Like both of them
    simply saying here that l am OLD
  9. by   renerian
    LOL I really like the words of the music. Alot of the songs I can identify with LOL.

    I tried the website but cannot seem to figure out the conversion rate of currency. Maybe I could call the bank or something?

    Thanks for your input everyone.

  10. by   Aussienurse2
    When I grew up I was going to marry Don, or John H, or John Waters....I'm younger than yo-ou!! Hey I take every opportunity I can get...
  11. by   bewbew
    yeah.........I AM old...........well, kinda.........born in the 60s........and for the life of me, I can't imagine WHY I remember him on Playschool, but I do!!
  12. by   Tookie
    Dont know anything about the web site - but guess l am sucked into slightly older groups - we do actally have a lot of talented Asutralian / and NZ musicains here
  13. by   renerian
    Tons of great actors and actresses are in the states from Australia. Your well represented here.

  14. by   Tookie
    Asyou know l am not a great fan of the band - i.e. maybe too old but in the reports of the 'wedding of the year' he (Russ) apparently serenaded Danielle with love songs and called her his muse. (what did you think - have you seen any photos yet?)

    I wanted to let you know that when we were up at Wollongong (before l got sick) l was thinking of you renerian, in as much l was thinking you would love these beaches and so l took a photo for you - It's a long way from Coff's harbour but it the same Coast line - just a long way away - I must admit the coast line along there is really beautiful.
    hope you get to the beaches soon - BTW l do remeber that the beaches up Coffs are also quite beautiful too.