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  1. Hi,
    I'm wondering if any fellow Queenslanders can give me any info about jobs after graduating...and anyone from NSW feel free too because I might just move back to Sydney..who knows!

    I'm doing Undergrad Nursing at the moment, but I'm wondering about what else I'll need to do before I can get the jobs I'm after!! I haven't completely decided what I want to do yet, but I'd love to get into Paediatrics, Neonatal or Midwifery.

    For all of these areas, do I need to do a Graduate diploma etc? and how long does that take? Or do you need to do a few years of General Nursing first????

    Thanks for any info! I've been looking around on the Uni websites, but cant seem to find anything specific!!!
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  3. by   Clarissa26
    I graduated last year, I got a job by applying to a grad program at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. I can tell you that there were a lot of people who are still trying to get a job in Brisbane, so many missed out so I'd advise you definately apply to the graduate programs, even the private hospitals. When it comes to the public system people only got call backs from their first choice most of the time so pick wisely.

    I had a friend who got straight into the Mater childrens hospital, but she did have a prac there for our last prac of the year, so I advise you pick your last prac very carefully, choose somewhere you'd like to work. I know you have to do a course before you can go into midwifery, and I am not to sure about the neonatal, but I think childrens is your best bet, but alot of people want to go into that, so the competetion is high.

    I am not to sure what uni you go to but they should help you out with some information towards the end of the year about this sort of thing.
  4. by   gwenith
    For goverment jobs you have to check out the worlds worst website -

    Soemtimes it is a GOOD idea to try out some of the mid sized regional hospital - especially in towns that do NOT have a university i.e. Gympie, Maryborough. Don't just confine yourself to Brisbane. I know that there is one major hospital here that recruits grad nurses straight into ICU - it is a mistake - don't let it be yours.
  5. by   emmy
    I plan to go into midwifery when I've finished my nursing degree, in South Australia you take a 1 year post-grad course, although may be different in your area.
  6. by   Anna_Aus
    Thanks for your help so far! I'm definately hoping to get a decent prac in paediatrics at some stage in this I guess I'll just have to cross fingers!

    I'm at QUT...I guess I'll try to talk to someone there and see what info they can give me, but I might wait till after exams for that!!!!!!

    The reason I haven't really thought about Rural hospitals is because of my 18 month old daughter who will be 4 when I graduate. Then there's my partner who is still living in Sydney at the moment due to I'm hoping either that he will get a job up here, and we will stay here, or otherwise we'll move back down to Sydney when I graduate.
  7. by   Clarissa26
    I went to QUT last year, they will give you alot more information about graduate positions in the Queensland public sector next semester. They will probably give you this site, It is the site for graduate jobs here in Queensland, it's not up yet, but will be later in the year when they start accepting applications. They also had a day with lots of information. But the staff there should help you out more later in the year, thats what they did last year. I can't remember if they let us know about other states graduate programs, but I am sure you could find some info on the government site. Hope it helps.
  8. by   Dessy
    You can go straight in to pediatrics at places like mater childrens hospital that train you in peads as part of your grad year. Graduate certificates in neonatal are also common. Midwifery is what I want to do but I finished uni last year and feel I need the experience in general nursing before commencing middy. Good luck
  9. by   Evie
    hi everyone,

    i'm also at QUT.. i just did a rural placement which confirmed to me that i wanted to stay here in brisbane for at least a year or two (gwenith - you told me so! ) - but it was something i had to figure out for myself..

    one of my friends is working at the royal kids this year and yes, she had done a placement there in 3rd year.. from what i have heard that really helps for areas with high competition, ie. to get yourself known at least.. we have just had to apply for our 2nd last prac and you should see how many people have put in for paeds, ccu, burns, peri-op etc.. and they are offering at least one maternity placement so that has proved quite popular.. i think (that is, THIS WEEK) i want to do oncology/haematology or something like that, and although i have done 1 oncol placement i've applied for another this time, now that i am more confident in what i'm doing..

    but still, i am a little scared about the whole job application process! i don't know why.. i guess i'll just apply to heaps of places and make sure my selection criteria is written properly for QH - i spoke to a physio grad and she said she didn't get a call back from QH at first because of the way she'd written her SC.. anyway, i bought that book they sell (how to get that job or whatever it's called) so i'll have a good read of that!! i was a bit shocked when i heard only half of last year's grads got a job at first (is that right??) - and then the other day we were told that QH has something like 640 grad positions for the 1000+ nursing students (in brisbane alone!!!!!)

    bah, i guess it's just a matter of waiting and seeing!! it doesn't bother me all that much if i don't work in the area that i "want" next year because i am after a year of general to build my foundations of practice on anyway.. and then i'll probably go o/s anyway!!!!
  10. by   Evie
    do you think there is a difference in whether you work for QH or a private hospital in your grad year? (apart from the obvious pay, conditions, etc)

    we have been told that a lot of private hospitals start recruiting earlier than public..
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  11. by   Clarissa26
    Well I know a couple of people who are in different private hospital, one in the Wesley and one in Mater Private. The girl in the Wesley is loving it, they have 3 6 month rotations. The girl at the Mater private, well I'm not to sure if she is enjoying it, she just says she's not sure if nursing is for her, but I think that could have something to do with their grad program. She works in every department in the hospital in her first year, and I mean EVERY department. Theatre for a few weeks, ICU a few weeks, ED a couple of weeks, some wards for 6 weeks, some for 9, then they move on. Not a good environment to get comfortable in your first year out, at least thats what I think. Private hospitals also usually run on less staff, at least thats what I have experienced, as have a lot of others, so you might have to work harder there. I prefer to work in Queendland health because you can transfer your annual leave and sick leave if you transfer between hospitals, and there is more support, always a resident or ward call around.

    I had an experience in one private hospital where a patient had sats of 78%, we had to call after hours nurse manager to get "permission" to call the consultant at home. Then when sats dropped to 55%, we had to call the consultant to get "permission" to get the on call registrar up to the ward. I really prefer to have the security of knowing that theres someone I can just call if I am concerned for a patient, rather than having to get permission.

    But I could be biased, I have never worked in a private facility on a permanent basis, so it's good to hear from staff who have as well.
  12. by   gwenith
    I have to support you people in everything you are saying here - I am so glad you started this up as we need this sort of information to be available for all.

    Yes public is (usually) better than private. getting into what the Americans call Med/surg is probably the best bet. You know yourself that you need to consolidate nursing skills and those areas that are only served by experiential learning.

    Public as you have already found has a LOT of support structures in place you can get the resident or if you need to the registra and if you are still in deep doo doo on certain occasions you can actually go over everyones head and get the consultant to haul his tootsies into the hospital.

    There are those private hospitals who are running mostly on first year staff so you do not have more experienced staff to guide you.

    There is one major hospital here that recruits straight into ICU - it is a mistake. IF you do decide to do this spend no more than the requisite 12 months in that unit and then GET OUT!!!!
  13. by   Dessy
    I was accepted into a QH hospital this year but I was not to start until March. I worked in a nursing home from December 2 until mid march when I started with QH. I lasted 3 weeks. I felt that I could give more in aged care and liked the responsibility associated with aged care nursing. I always wanted to do midwifery and I will go and do that in a couple of years. I worked as an AIN all through uni and swore I would never do aged care. But an RN in aged care is quite cushy. No showering or pad changes. It is good to have a break from that. Eventually the hospital system will beacon but aged care is part of the hospital system as well so I hope I have not made the wrong decision. I feel I am contributing alot and are making a difference in alot of these people lives as they near the end of theirs. A graduate program is not alwayus what you expect it to be.
  14. by   Evie
    but then i guess a graduate program is what you make of it..