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    hehe. ok. i am so busy these days. i'll keep this one short. but i'll try to add some details next week.

    first i took the exam on august 23, 2007 in trident tower at makati city. i was scheduled to have my exam timed 9:00am. beforehand i availed a room in a hotel near the place. it's just one ride away from the site. approximately 6 minutes travel.

    on august 22, i had a pre-employment exam in a hospital in makati. and then i checked the exam site. you may check the site but then would not be able to enter the room. oh boy i am exhausted. it was 5pm when i checked-in the hotel. and i tell you it is really tiresome. i bought some foods to fill in my hungry stomach. this was the point where everything is sinking into my brain that i am bound to take the exam. i was so stressed out then. i brought some of my reviewers to read the other chapters i missed. but then i wasn't able to do such. the idea of having the exam the next day really bothered me. i tried to sleep by 7pm after having dinner. but then the hot chocolate drink i had beforehand inhibits me from having an early sleep. i kept myself busy. i was reading the book but then no info was being absorbed by my brain. my mom calmed me down. and i was also boosted by the bulk of text messages from my friends and relatives. after that i decided to sleep anew but still to no avail. i stayed up until 11pm. i was able to have a soundful sleep. hehe. not so typical of an examinee to be doing.:trout: sleep early guys! have time to relax. by the way, the thing that helped me a lot to sleep and to forget the stress im having is when i prayed. i kneeled in front of the bed to pray. and then i was more relaxed.
    on august 23, i woke up early. i woke up by 5am. i was able to have a 6 hours sleep (not enough though). i prepared myself. ate a not so heavy breakfast (dont eat to much for your system would be more focused on digesting the foods you ate earlier. the idea is the system should be focused more on the exam per se.).

    i arrived in the trident tower by 8am. here is the exact address of the site.
    Pearson Professional Centers-Manila, Philippines
    27th Floor, Trident Tower
    312 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue,
    Makati City,
    Manila, PHL 1227

    by the way, don't forget to bring your passport and att. be sure to sign the passport while your still in the hotel for there was an incidence wherein an examinee was not able to take the exam because he signed the passport in front of the representative. also take out the passport from the plastic cover. write also the date, time and place of exam in your att. you may bring some food if you want. i brought 2 slices of choco-mocha gardenia bread and mineral water. i was on my semi-formal attire. but then you may wear any clothing you may want. upon your arrival at the trident tower, you will be asked by the guard to sign in the log book. and then after such take the elevator up to the 27th floor. upon reaching the floor, you will of course fall in line. the guard would be inspecting if you have the att and passport with you. and then he will let you be. while in the line, talk with the other examinees. it would help you decrease the tension you're having. we waited for approximately 30-45 minutes before we were allowed to enter the place. before that, a representative would once again be inspecting the passport and att. and would be checking in papers with her if you are really to take the exam. you will be provided with the laminated document stating the do's and dont's while taking the exam. you may have an idea of those by glimpsing at your eligibility handbook. after reading such you must take a number in front of the counter. if you want to skip the reading, you may take the number without reading the document. but i advise you to read it. it will only consume 3-4 minutes of your time. upon taking the number, wait to be called. the representative would be calling the numbers. a representative will again check the passport if the details there matches those in your att. be sure that the name and all the details in your passport is the same as those indicated in the att. once called, present you att and passport. you will be asked to place your index finger in the fingerprint device to check your identity. and then you will be asked to sit in a chair so that your photo will be captured. after that they will be giving you your locker key. the number you got earlier would match the number in your locker key. empty your pockets. i mean empty everything aside from your brain. hehe. go to the comfort room if you wish. remove your watch and bracelet and any accessories that you may have. i urge you to check your clothing twice to be sure it is really empty. place everything in the locker. the only thing you're going to bring is the locker key (only). after that, you will again wait for a while then would be asked to sit in a chair near the exam room. you will be asked if you are ready and if you have had emptied your pockets. and then it begins..

    you will be asked to enter the room. you will be welcomed by another representative. be asked of your name and would be fingerprinted again. check the details in the computer if the info presented is really you. then you will be briefed on some important things. after that, she will be giving you the ear piece and marker and the board. you will enter the exact exam room. then will be asked to sit while the representative is making the computer ready for you. once done, she will be leaving you. then you will be asked by the computer if you are ready. you will be reviewed on the mechanics of how to take the exam. then at the end of the session would be asked if you want to play the review course again. if you do not want to replay it, press no. then the exam begins..

    by the way, raise your hand if you have some concerns or wanna have some break. i took the exam in a matter of 1 and 1/2 hours. i prayed before clicking the next button. i prayed when i do not know what the answer is. half of the time i spent during the exam was allotted to praying. promise! i reached the 60th item. i was so overwhelmed with the idea if the computer would be shutting down by the 75th question. so i am rushing on answering the questions (which i believe is wrong. take time answering the questions.). after clicking next after the 75th question, it turned blue. i was tearful then. i wanna cry because i finished the exam. the exam i waited so much to take. after the exam you will be asked to answer the survey. and then raise your hand if you are finished. you will be once again fingerprinted and then would be asked to leave the room. the representative will not answer any inquiry that you may have with regards to the exam per se. after that go to the counter again. and then to your locker. get your things and leave the locker key in the locker. and then my journey of taking the exam ends here..

    the feeling i was having during those time was that i failed. that i answered most questions incorrectly. i prayed again for some support from Him. i went to the hotel to have some rest.
    i waited for the result by 3 weeks and 1 day. it arrived via snail mail. and upon receiving such, to my joy, i jumped for i passed the exam. i am really thankful to my family, friends and of course with the Lord for He guided me all throughout.


    PS. thanks so much silverdragon and bebe for the moral support and for some tips. i am really indebted to your kindness. :spin:
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  3. by   boot_unit
    very nice info to those who are taking NCLex exam
    thaks for your share
  4. by   dave787

    you deserved this balloons. what state are you taking? congratulations.
  5. by   stephensonwater
    im eyeing for california. thanks for the balloons!
  6. by   SilverSurfer
    Quote from stephensonwater
    im eyeing for california. thanks for the balloons!

    congratulations!!! we are batchmates on the 1st exam given last aug. 23, 2007 in makati!
    i too, passed my nclex exam!!!!
  7. by   RNHawaii34
    wow, congrats, and congratulations to your parents...:hatparty:they don't have to send you outside the philippines for that, that is soo cool !!!:smiley_aa
  8. by   great_jaspah
    Quote from stephensonwater
    the only thing you're going to bring is the locker key (only).
    Congratulations! Anyways, nowadays they would also ask for the passport as well as your fingerprint before you enter the testing room. So the passport and the key should be brought there.
  9. by   stephensonwater
    I utilized the following:

    books: saunders compre, saunders q&a, kaplan, and the prioritization, delegation and supervision book by mosby.

    cds: i have a bulk of cds but i haven't had the chance to open each.

    tips on taking the exam:

    1. during your review, don't be stressed out with the idea that you need to review bunch of books. do have a complete hours of rest and a time for yourself without thinking about the said exam. for being stressed out thinking about bunch of stuff would lead you to the path to doom.

    2. focus on reviewing only one book. familiarize yourself with the basics. you do not need to memorize. it is more on analysis.

    3. just relax. as what i have stated, talk with the other examinees while waiting for the exam to take place.

    4. wear a clothing that you feel best comfortable.

    5. while answering the questions, take time to pause and take a deep breath. it would help you relax and be more focused on the exam.

    6. take the time answering all the questions. don't rush. for you will be regretfull if the pc shut off at 75 wherein you didn't gave your best shot.

    7. use your common sense. it really is helpful.

    8. read the question twice, know what the questions is asking then read the choices. don't practice reading the question then the choices then the question again. it will just confuse you.

    9. while answering, look for the wrong ones and eliminate them. don't readily choose the right answer stat.

    10. SATA is not an indication that you are at the peak of the examination's level.

    11. sit up straight and avoid slouching.

    12. empty your mind with stressful stuff. just focus on the exam.

    13. declare that you will pass the exam. optimism really helps at times.

    14. always make it to the point that you are giving your best shot. always have this in mind, that you are doing this for your family and also for yourself.

    15. and, have the time to pray. He will never leave you empty. He will be there to guide you all the way. i prayed before clicking the next button.

    good luck everyone! God Bless!
  10. by   jhoowee
    wow congratulations., nice details of your experience me too took d exam last sept.11 at trident n until waiting d snailmail, mine stop at item76, hoping.. like you will pass. did you received it via ordinary mail or registered mail?
  11. by   suzanne4
    Quote from jhoowee
    wow congratulations., nice details of your experience me too took d exam last sept.11 at trident n until waiting d snailmail, mine stop at item76, hoping.. like you will pass. did you received it via ordinary mail or registered mail?
    Depends on the state that you wrote the exam for. If CA and I suspect that it is, it comes by regular air-mail and is not mailed from CA until the middle of 2 1/2 weeks after testing, so average wait time is about four weeks if you are in Manila and longer if outlying.

    Best of luck on your exam.
  12. by   jhoowee
    thanks suzanne...still waiting for my result