The Race That Stops a Nation!!!

  1. Surprised this thread hasn't been posted yet! OK, so what are you up to tomorrow? Have you got a bet on? Or are you having a sweep? Or what about a Melbourne Cup lunch?

    We are having a Melbourne Cup lunch at work; like everyone else I guess. Don't ask me who is racing though; all I know about the winner is that it is beautiful, has four legs and a flowing tail, and runs fast...

    Cheers J
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    DH won $66.60!

    He's sharing it with MOI!
  4. by   nyapa
    Yay!!! Always knew men were good for something. Seriously though, enjoy yourselves.

    Me, someone else won the sweep, I don't even know who. Wouldn't be surprised if it was my horse that was scratched! But the afternoon tea was worth it...
  5. by   gwenith
    I was sitting in orientation in my new job!! Honestly four days of classroom orientation and I was about set to cut my own throat!

    Oh! Well at least I was being PAID for it