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I am a student nurse who qualifies in 2 weeks and at the minute i do not have a job to go to, neither are ther eany jobs advertised for band 5 staff nurses. the trust in which i have done my... Read More

  1. by   madwife2002
    Quote from yossaria
    I agree with you Tina. I am a 1/2 Romanian + 1/2 Swedish nurse and I live in England at the moment, my partner is English. I worked in the NHS for nearly one year and it put me off. I am sorry to say that, but I know myself as a very positive person, I try to avoid criticism as much as possible, but my last job has been too much. Managers often dont have managerial skills...that's very sad. And as a nurse, esp if you're newly do need a lot of support! The only thing I remember from my previous job is that I was rushed in my work to do everyting in time, otherwise I was accused of not being competent with time management. On the other hand, you are held accountable and responsible for everything you do...professionally. I think newly qualified nurses do need support in that matter...until they gain the confidence, because competent nursing skills do not develop overnight, nor in the pre-registration education period.
    Everything you say is so true, when I think back over time I never had constructive critism it was always just critism full stop. I did do an assertiveness course for women in 1995, and I never looked back I fully recommend doing one-it is amazing how we allow people who are 'bullies' to intimidate us but we can learn to turn even a horrible experience into a good one, and I still use some of the teachings in my life now.
    I was being treated so badly at work I would cry in the treatment room, I left that job after the asservieness course but have never been treated that way again.
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    :yeahthat: There is rarely a day that goes by when I'm not glad that I'm a nurse. Yes the UK could pay better & staff better but there's very few jobs when you can come home satisfied that you really did a good thing at work.

    It won't be long before all these cuts will come back & bite them in the butt & then they'll be crying out for nurses & may even have to up the pay to entice them back! This current situation is more than ridiculous & is really a very short term solution that cannot be sustained for too long.
    I completely agree. Keep faith, enjoy your nursing course, in three years time the situation will be different.
    Nursing in the NHS is a profoundly rewarding career, personally I won't leave it to go private because I believe in the principle of free health care at the point of treatment for all. Despite being short staffed, (maybe even because of being short staffed) you have the opportunity to make a difference. Every day.

    There are a lot less jobs around, unfortunately. Keep your eyes peeled, check out nhs jobs website. It may be worth registering with NHS Professionals or equivalent to gain experience while you study, get to know a few areas. This often leads to you being considered for job vacancies.

    Good luck, enjoy nursing.