So what affect has the drought had on you

  1. How has the drought affected you?
    I know for most of you on the board you may be suffering through the snow and cold - we are longing for rain (Although there have been floods in Queensland - has that affected anyone on the boards?) - Anyway l was wondering how for the Aussies here how has the drought affected you and what are you doing to reduce water use,
    Maybe some of our overseas people can come up with water conserving ideas
    Our local state minister when she announced the water restriction in Melbourne suggested showering with a friend!!
    Locally we have mixed messages as far as water conservation - Albury has water constriction and Wodonga on the other side of the river doesn't - so people are still watering their lawns - So how's it working for you.

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  3. by   bewbew
    We have water restrictions too, the town is turning into a dustbowl, but that's OK, better to save water.......and I am glad my front lawn is not the incriminating bright green of the water waster!!
    Oh yeah, we should all boycott Coles and Safeway, at least, their imported fruit, and buy some of the local the farmers!
  4. by   renerian
    In Ohio we have water restrictions where I live every summer. WE live in an area that used to be known as the black swamp. Lots of wetlands and man made watersheds of various kinds. Hubby and I shower together and take baths together. WE have low rise water toliets and low pressure saver shower heads.

    Right now we are cleaning up from alot of snow. We got 20 some inches on the ground right now and no where to put it all.

  5. by   frannybee
    For the first time I can think of a good reason for the Pommy 'washing up bowl' in the sink - you use about 1/2 the water you would if you just washed up in the sink, and if you put clean soapy water in the bowl, you can wash things during the day in the water without wasting what you would if you rinsed stuff under the tap. It also has the added benefit of being moveable - if you have a bad back, put the bowl on the draining board and it stops you from bending ove the sink to wash up.

    My family live just outside Brisbane and they've all switched to 1/2 flush toilets or put bricks in the cisterns.....have switched to underground irrigation pipes instead of hosing or sprinklers (water soaks into the soil, not evaporates off the top of it).....even my 2yo nephew knows to turn the water off when he's brushing his teeth. It amazes me how many UK people leave the water running to do that! They also catch the cold water that comes first when trying to run the hot water and use it for other purposes (filling the kettle, water for the dogs etc).
  6. by   frannybee
    Another helpful tip - if you can stand it - is to not flush the loo overnight.....of course, BO can go, but if it's just wee, leave it in the bowl and get rid of it all in the AM!
  7. by   Grace Oz
    I'm finding the drought has sent prices up for things like fruit & veg. We're not on restrictions here in S.A. though lord only knows why not!!??!
    Afterall, we're in THE DRIEST STATE in THE DRIEST continent on the WHOLE planet!!...We have rainwater tanks & try to use that water as much as possible. As for showering with a friend.... FORGET IT!! The only two places I get any peace & solitude is the toot and/or bathroom!! LOL
    We've just had excellent rains overnight & today & it's looking good!!! :-)