Shortage of nursing jobs in Toronto?

  1. This is something of a followup to silentmonolith's post

    I read this story a while ago and was really surprised by the comment regarding "...the fact that because there are relatively few full-time jobs..." Putting silentmonolith's post together with this piece of info is getting me worried. What is the actual state of employment in the GTA for RNs? Has the "shortage" turned into a job shortage? Anyone?

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    Nurses confused, angry over SARS crisis
    Last Updated Wed, 28 May 2003 16:30:14

    TORONTO - The new definition of severe acute respiratory syndrome is probably keeping the numbers lower, an Ontario Nurses Association official said Wednesday. However, Brenda Hallihan admits her group is having trouble sorting all this out.
    "I think everybody's a little bit confused," she told CBC Newsworld. "What we're being told is people that come in with respiratory symptoms, with temperatures ... are being treated as a probable case."

    Nurses want to know how many of their colleagues have been affected and how many real cases there are. They are unable to get that information. In the latter case, it's because the definition has changed, she said. "It's kind of muddied the waters." Some nurses going through a second round of quarantine are saying they've had enough, she said.

    Nurses always felt SARS hadn't completely gone away when public health officials and politicians were heralding the end of the outbreak. Along with being ignored, nurses are angry that agency staff who have been parachuted in are being paid two and three times as much as regular staff.

    Nurses continue to be angry about the fact that because there are relatively few full-time jobs, they have had to shuttle between hospitals. This could have aided the spread of SARS between institutions, Hallihan said.

    Written by CBC News Online staff

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  3. by   fergus51
    No. I pm'ed you some details about my facility and hiring.
  4. by   FutureNurse2005
    Are the hospitals not updating their "employment opportunities" pages???

    Each and every time I check the pages for every hospital in the GTA, there are literally dozens of Full Time jobs posted as available at each hospital!

    Good luck!