Senior Sister Meetings

  1. We have senior sisters meeting every monday, i find this somtime useful as this is the only time we can get updated of whats going on etc.

    But i am thinking whether every monday is necesary, as sometime i come out of the meeting thinking what a wase of time that was.

    What about others, how often do you have your meetings, and what should be included.

    Any hints advice etc would be appreciated.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I always found Mondays to be really busy post weekend How about changing the day and maybe doing trials on every 2 weeks or even monthly but the meeting be a bit longer in time
  4. by   blooberri
    Hi! we have med. unit and trust wide sisters meeting monthly, but with the spacing of them they work out to be about one or the other every 2 weeks or so.. enough to keep up to date, but not frequent enough to disrupt routine. Also we have them around lunchtime/early afternoon when staffing is optimal. It also means they dont drag on too long as we all want to get off duty on time!
  5. by   madwife2002
    We used to have our meetings monthly, as we couldnt commit to weekly. If we needed to call a meeting ahead of that time we could. Plus emails kept us up to date.
  6. by   XB9S
    We have monthly ward managers meetings it is on a Wednesday afternoon the second wednesday of every month. Seems to work quite well as the WM's can plan the off duty to make sure that there is extra cover those days