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  1. I am a student at Mansfield University in the nursing program. I was curious what type of diploma programs are available in Canada. How long are they typically? Are they specialized? Thank you for sharing any information!!!!
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  3. by   KIMHBTRAN
    Well, the diploma program is BC is 2.5 years long, 5 semesters lasting 4 months plus 2 practice experience lasting 5 weeks. That's what my diploma program is anyways. Unfortunately, the diploma program is no longer available b/c new legislation in BC require a Bsn in order to become registered.
  4. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    Check out these sites

    Hope these help.
  5. by   maeyken
    Here in Ontario they're getting rid of the diploma program for RN's.... now it's all BScN. It can be done through university or through a college affiliated with a university. Here at McMaster, we've got Mohawk and Conestoga Colleges with us. Same program, same tuition, same degree, different sites.

    The BScN program is 4 years. Regarding specialized I'm not exactly sure what you mean. We get some say over our clinical placements in level 3, and in level 4 we get to pick them, so I guess you can sorta pick an area to focus in on.....
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  6. by   epg_pei
    I'm at UNB doing the 4 yr BN program. Diploma programs at the colleges are hard to get into, as hard as university, and the demand seems to continue to be for degreed nurses.