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How are all of you coping in Ontario and B.C. with the SARS outbreak. We in Ontario are now shut down and instead of assisting with surgery, we are spending out time screening patients and visitors... Read More

  1. by   Little One2
    I'm currently working in the community. Last week, the nurses who worked in the community were told they could not work in the hospital and in the community at the same time in order to prevent spreading SARS.

    Those nurses had to work only in the hospital.

    Today, those nurses were told they can return to work in the community tomorrow.

    This is a good sign. We still need to screen our patients when going into their home.
  2. by   epg_pei
    ..but I heard a news report this morning that nurses in my region were being offered $100/hr to go to Toronto and help relieve the strain on nurses there. Not many were taking the deal. Just curious if anyone else heard this?
  3. by   fergus51
    I hadn't heard that. I did hear that our armed services may loan out some of their healthcare workers.
  4. by   toronto rn
    Hey, I want a piece of that action. 100/hr. I really don't think that will occur. Six weeks ago they were asking nurses to work at Scarborough Grace hosp. for triple pay- that was back when all the nurses and other health care workers were initially exposed and many became ill resulting in a devistating shortage. No-one volunteered then. Now almost all the nurses are back to work and in fact many nurses are not getting their hours because several hospitals are still closed and/or restricted function. Other nurses are suffering because we are restricted to specific facilities depending on the hospital rating. Agency nurses face restrictions as well - if you work with SARS patients some hospitals will not allow the nurses to go back to a facility that has no SARS. This is were the bulk of the problem lies- many nurses can't work with SARS patients because of very legitimate reasons- immunosuppression, pregnancy etc. Others don't want to because of risk to family and still others are restricted in some way because it will limit their ability to work at other facilities and result in a diminished income. But over all I haven't really seen that the situation is terrible at least not more that the usual shortage problems. The government has allotted a budget for extra nurses so that the nurses who have been working during the SARS crisis will get some respite. We have been using extra agency staff but since none will work with the SARS patients. They are all getting paid a lot of money to do regular work and staff nurses continue to take the risks and get regular pay. If the news you heard is true, and you are interested, come on down .. if nothing else it will be a good learning experience. I really think the risk is now very minimal providing good isolation practice is followed.
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  5. by   toronto rn
    Just an update, Sunnybrook hospital is offering $100/hr to work in the SARS ICU- The government is footing the bill and will cover any quarantine or sick time if necessary. Any takers out there?
  6. by   fergus51
    I wish I had ICU experience!!!
  7. by   JMP
    Well, I do have ICU experience.

    However, I have only heard about this ( government offering big bucks to get ICU RN's to work in Sars affected hospitals )thru this board.

    I have no idea how on earth they will ever get RN's with ICU experience to work there....why? Because we are chronically understaffed everywhere....ICU nuses are in high demand and I am not sure what can be done.

    SInce I am full time in a close Ontario ICU, and with summer months coming, I think it will take government intervention for any of us to be able to go and help out in Toronto...since it would no doubt mean a further shortage where I am, which then leads to cancellation of surgeries, since we also staff a cardiac intensive care unit as well.

    Toronto RN- what can you tell me about this government offer, I mean it is pointed at ICU RN's that are causal at other facilities? Is it directed at ICU RN's that are home, not working?

    I guess the other thing would be that we would have to take a leave of absence? ( if we are full time )
    THe other thing would be this...would they be willing for a RN from a "clean" ICU, ( in other words no SARS) to work in an affected area and then return home and resume the position? Or I am thinking we would have to go into a 10 day quarantine and then return to work?
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  8. by   toronto rn
    Hi JMP, Sunnybrook hospital was looking for 10 RN's with ICU experience to cover the unit with SARS because of the nurses that are off ill with SARS. They needed immediate help and from what I heard all the spots were filled within a few hours. Many of the nurses that committed to the positions already work agency. I believe that the nurses would not be able to travel between hospitals .. so would have to take a leave from other work. No quarantine necessary unless unprotected exposure occurs, which is the same at any other institution, including mine.
    Just an aside... I wish the city would get another spokesperson in besides Mel Lastman he really doesn't look well himself, and he isn't doing the city any favors with his disorganized emotional manner.