1. Hi,
    I have questions for experienced nurses working in Canada and US.

    1. I'm currently a student of George Brown College in Toronto (practical nursing program). I would like to proceed to BSN after writing the board exam for RPN but I don't know which online school is good because I would like to work fulltime while studying for the BSN. I've heard about Athabasca University, but I'm not sure if it is really good compared to Excelsior college. And how long does it take to finnish the BSN from RPN.

    2. If I am licensed by the board here in ontario (BSN from Athabasca), Can I work in California?
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  3. by   Fiona59
    Excelsior isn't recognized in Canada.

    Athabasca is a good school and require intense practicuums. You need to obtain an AB LPN license before being accepted into their programme. All clinicals are done in Alberta hospitals.
  4. by   fbgbom2
    I just called the Athabasca about the program and they told me that it would take me 3 and a half years to finish the program full time. That means, not working full time. If it would take me that long, I guess I would rather consider Ryerson.

    Excelsior, I've learned is the fastest way to become an RN and I could work in all the states except california, right?

    It is a major career change for me from Engineering to Nursing, that's why I want the fastest route to RN and the possibility of working in the US because I want to move to a warmer climate. Any input please....I'm confuse right now.
  5. by   ontario_stressed_nur
    There are RPN to RN bridging courses available. I know that the Northbay college offers it 2 years full time.
  6. by   katherine100
    This was written in 2006. So what did you end up doing? You could have gone to Excelsior if you planned on working in the US (most states accept Excel).