review center in manila!

  1. can any1 of you sugst any review center in manila with a boarding house or dormitory near it. thanks...
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  3. by   samantha06
    My nclex-rn exam will be on Sept 7, 2007.Im planning to take my review on May 15 in RUN near Vicente Cruz.According to some who took thier review there its very comprehensive.
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  4. by   GODwillhelpmepass
    Quote from samantha06
    My nclex-rn exam will be on Sept 7, 2007.Im planning to take my review on May 15 in RUN near Vicente Cruz.According to some who took thier review there its very comprehensive.
    hi sam.. mine is also on sept. 5. from where are you? can i have your YM id?
  5. by   suzanne4
    Thread moved to Philippine Forum, as it is specific to nurses that are located there.
  6. by   haezyghee

    What's the complete name of RUN, the review center near Vicente Cruz?
  7. by   bottomless_appetite
    Quote from samantha06
    My nclex-rn exam will be on Sept 7, 2007.Im planning to take my review on May 15 in RUN near Vicente Cruz.According to some who took thier review there its very comprehensive.
    Don't ever Dare go to RUN (Review University for Nurses). I myself enrolled there and paid the FULL tuition fee. IT WAS NOT GOOD AT ALL. Most of the Lecturers are not CAPABLE at all. They dont have a distinct and Clear program. I only attended the review for 3 weeks and I have WASTED my money and WASTED my time.

    I suggest you study alone, or if you think you are not effective in studying alone and needs a review center, I would suggest GAPUZ.
  8. by   miss_cy
    R.A. GAPUZ. yeah thats ryt. their good! bow to them,hands up
  9. by   lawrence01
    Just remember the Review Centers that were involved as being part of the June 2006 leakage and remember what happened in South Korea. Some of the students who were proven guilty to have leaked NCLEX questions to their parent review center had their licenses and/or test scores from Pearson-VUE invalidated by NCSBN.

    One Review Center in particular has been well known to have leakages from the NLE, CGFNS exam and the NCLEX-RN exam (memorized questionnaires and answer options after the exams) even before the June 2006 scandal.

    And having passed the NCLEX-RN exam courtesy of a particular Review Center doesn't exactly impresses people and esp. US employers. Many pass the NCLEX on just self-review.
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  10. by   suzanne4
    Listen to what Lawrence posted. He is 100% correct on this.
  11. by   choco_overload
    uhm, just wanted to ask these so i'd have a definite answer, is it really a must to enroll in a review program before taking any of the qualifying exams? wouldn't reviewing by yourself enough to make one pass? are there certain stuff that you'd only get the info if you enroll in a program(not referring to the leakage or anything!), like where to take the exam, where to pay and the likes...
  12. by   Joan_81
    Hi, I enrolled @ R.U.N. (Review University for Nurses) they offer the most comprehensive review for NLE and for CGFNS and NCLEX which I'm enrolled right now. I also reviewed with them when I took my Local Board last year which I passed! GO R.U.N. you guys are the best.
  13. by   suzanne4
    The CGFNS exam is not even needed for you to take in the first place, it is only required by 4 states in the US and otherwise is not beneficial for you to even be taking. Was it this review center that told you that you needed it?

    And what experience do their instructors have with this exam or even the NCLEX exam? Have they actually worked in the US or even written the exam?

    And where is their information coming from for their comprehensive review? From what I have seen from most of the centers there, the information being included is not even written by them, but taken from a variety of sources. And in violation of US copyright law most of the time. I have not seen anything from them as they are fairly new at it.

    And then there is the issue with their name, they are only a review center and not sanctioned as a four year university by your government so actually that name should not even be permitted to be used either.

    You are new here and have not written the other exams as of yet, so really have nothing to compare them to.
  14. by   torrie_8
    A lot of us went to RUN and I believe in RUN! reasons?...Take my cousin's case for example-My cousin's school was affiliated with RUN (review university for nurses). Only 3 students from their batch did not make it in the exams. There are 6 topnotchers from their batch last June 2008. I personally believe that aside from the innate intelligence of the students, RUN was instrumental in making that happen. In fairness to the center, Their lecturers are UST, UP, UE, PLM and other top university graduates who have both years of teaching and hospital experience. Most are administrators, educators and licensed not only in the Phils but also in the US... I suggest before you believe posts and blogs, you should check it out first. Some are being used as a tool for free advertising of their product or worst to discredit others!...(This is a competitive world after all)... If you want to look for a good center, check the track record, how long has the center been around ( bcoz, if it's been there for more than 2 decades then it has a REASON for being there that LONG), check the length of time of service, the review hours, the price of course unless you are rich!!!! and Go with your gut feel... Besides the real test a nurse must take take is not in ink and paper but in the eyes of the patients whose hands they will touch... for you to must have the heart...
    P.S. for CG-NCLEX= i suggest self-review. A review center is most helpful for local exams only (PNLE) since some schools do not provide enough foundation. But as soon as you passed the local exams, self-review is enough. That way you will save the review fee and will be able to use the money for the application of CGFNS/NCLEX. That's what I did for both. Just be practical...