Return of a Rare Bird

  1. For a while factors that included a rise in petrol prices and the intorduction of the GST meant that the usually common bird found in all parts of Australia - the thin shanked, silver topped migratory pensioner was under threat. Now though, with petrol prices once more on a downhill slide they have reluctantly come back out of thier suburban retreats and can once more be seen out and about in the countryside.

    These birds with thier characteristic cry of "Cuppa tea Luv" and "white with two sugars" seemed to travel on endless journeys around the Australian countryside. Closer observation has shown several distinct types.

    There is the dedicated Kingfisher found mostly around coastal inlets and estuaries this species used be easily identifeid by strange white blaze across the nasal area caused by the application of a sustance known as "Zinc Cream" however this seems to have disappeared recently but the characteristic battered faded terry towelling hat remains.

    There is the weekend wanderer - this normally shy retiring bird can be seen in large flocks in the countryside immediately surrounding the large cities - most easily found at weekends.

    The outback adventurer - this species is found in any part of Australia from city centres to roadside stops in the middle of central Australia Intrepid and fearless they set out to conquer any obstacle without regard to personal limitations or health concerns.
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  3. by   jnette
    Petrol prices have a way of clipping some wings, don't they? Ha ! This is pretty clever ! :chuckle
    I'm sure these rare birds provide amusement for some and annoyance for others... always interesting, nonetheless for the "birdwatcher"....
  4. by   gwenith
    On second thought I should have put this one in the "humour" section
  5. by   Grace Oz
    :chuckle :roll
    Got a giggle out of this one!
    Now, *young*(?) Gwenith! Be NICE about us "older" members! LOL While not quite aspiring to the heady heights of the "roaming,white haired, terry towel sunhat" brigade.... I AM in the fiftysomething, "Baby Boomer", generation! LOL ....
    Don't forget, it's us "Old buggers" who forged the way for you younger nurse's! So, ya gotta be NICE!! :chuckle
    WELL written anyway!
  6. by   NurseRachy
    heheh very clever post
    I like it lots. Very clever, very Australian
  7. by   Tookie
    Very clever Gwenith

    thought l would add a couple l have noticed as they fly through our area, -

    Now tell me how you would explain that bird that is becoming quite prevalant - the broke but willing to work, backpacker of many origins and places.

    There is also the increasingly migratory motorcycle riding variety who seem to cruise in packs up and down mountains and around coastal envioronments.

    I have noticed too in our area on the border (Murray) the group of birds regradless of the petrol prices who travel short distances often via buses or those motorised scooters to the one armed bandits (now digitalised) - once at their nest all other birds stand little chance of invading their space. (Particularly the victorian birds visiting the NSW nests)

    Cheers Tookie