Rescoring Of Cp Exam

  1. anyone here tried the rescoring of the certification exam? i want to know a feedback. thank you
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You can request it for an additional fee. It is not done for free. And unless you have missed the passing score by just a point or two, it just does not pay to do so. If you got a 399, you may wish to consider it; but if 380, do not even bother.
  4. by   dave787
    how about 396 is there a possibility?
  5. by   YAJRN
    I am a sorry lot on my first take I got 394 pts. I've plan to rescore it but my friend told me that it's useless. Infact, Another friend of my friend didn't make it even she had a 398 pts. It's a waste of money. Another friend got 399, she rescored it and reached the boudaries, she passed.

    In my case, I've accepted my fate, it's true that I am not yet ready to reach the standards to practice Nursing in the USA. Thus, I just go on with the flow and burn my brows again for the second retake. :angryfire I memorized all diseases, took Suzzanne's plan even if this is just a CGFNS TEST, and I took lots of tests on cds. The result, I lack 6 pts on my previous, but I got a homerun for about 529 pts beyond the 400 pts boundary. I'm happy, It doesn't have to be a sulking feeling if you found out that you failed and even add a mental fear in taking future exams.

    I encourage you to beat the odds, If you are dismayed because you almost reach the rope to save you from the pit. Try reaching it, be inspired to go beyond the 400 boundary line. God bless.

  6. by   dave787
    this is the case of my frined she got 396, we took the same exam i got 589. too bad only 4 points if only i can share my score, how i wish. she ask me a advice wel anyway il just wiat for the result.
  7. by   khirbz
    Sad to think that your friend needs only 4 points to make. Sometimes we would regret if only we did the extra mile. It could have made a big difference...