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  1. Hi,
    we're two nurses from Germany and are planning our migration to Australia/Victoria. For this reason we need to be registered at the Nurses Board of Victoria (NBV). On the application form for the registration of overseas nurses they say that only a public notary, or a judge, or a person from Australian Embassy is allowed to make certified copies of original documents.
    Has anyone experience with certified copies by the city council or a priest's secretary ?
    Is this accepted by the NBV ?

    Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   chevswife
    hi there Narell,

    I think when they say a public notary, they are the same as a J.P or Justice of the Peace. If your council has someone who has the licence to stamp certified copies, then that should be fine. I did the same in canada.
    Good Luck & enjoy Melbourne.
  4. by   victorian
    i have received my letter from nbv stating the need for a bridging course. my next step now is to apply to the accredited schools/hospitals listed.

    would anyone know when is the next earliest bridging program of any school/health care facility in victoria? among my list, january was vaucluse-3rd week of january-dyu think if i process my occupational trainee visa NOW (december 10, 2008) i would make it in time? would you know how long the processing would be?

    next in line on february 2009 is ETEA and Mt. alexander hospital
    im interested in mt. alexander-Castlemaine or ETEA- is there anyone out there going through the same process?