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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone help me? I need to know how many times a year Nursing board examinations are held in the Phillipines and how much it costs to take them?

    Someone told me that it costs 16.000 Phillipine Pesos to take the board examinations and reviews, is that correct? It seems an enormous amount of money to me so I have a hard time believing it.

    Thank you very much!
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  3. by   yoo jin
    It is given twice a year. June and December. Costs 1000 plus.

    Before the 2002 Nurse Law amends, a student can challenge the exams thrice. In the event he did not get through the passing rate, he would take a refresher course. At present, one can sit for it unlimited times.
  4. by   gambutrol
    Maybe the reason behind the 16,000 is because of the review in review centers.. It is not compulsary to take classes in the review centers.. you can do self-review..
  5. by   spongebob6286
    2x a year. as far as i can remember the cost it 1000+php. that doesnt include the review. as far as i know the minimum amount if you will enrol in a review center is 10,000 php.
  6. by   Porthos3300
    Thank you for your answers. I was asking these questions because a Fillipina friend asked for my help. She says it's only held one a year in Zamboanga City where she lives , 6 and 7 June this year, and it costs 32.000 pesos. I really want to believe her and help her realize her dreams but I am cautious. I don't know her well enough to trust her blindly.
  7. by   kooleat
    Wow 32000 is a large amount of money! But as gambutrol said, 16000 could be the review fee if your friend opted to enroll in a review center. Actually, some review centers even charged higher than that.

    If you also add up the daily expenses, plus board and lodging (if her review center happens to be far from her home) for approximately 3 to 4 months then I should say that the amount of money she is quoting you should cover the totality of her review expenses.
  8. by   Turtle_Dog
    Looks like a scam friend, IMO. The NLE is given twice a year in each of the PRC regional offices (or the cities where the offices are located) simultaneously. The date for the exam which she gave you is correct, but the application for the exam ended sometime in April, and review classes started as early as March. The only reason she would be asking for financial help now if she intends to sit for the exam either late November or early December. The fee for the exam itself is 1,000 pesos or more, not including the other necessary requirements, which may or may not amount to at least another 1,000. The current average fee for a review class is about 12,000 pesos which includes all lectures, materials and the final coaching sessions. If your friend intends to have her review in an another town (she may have residence in a place far from the review center/exam center), she will have to spend for board and lodging for at least 2 months, which is the average length of review classes till the exam day.

    I dont believe the Zamboanga PRC office will only have one instance of the NLE happening this year, and if it really is true, she should have asked for your help months ago, since the new deadlines for applying to take the exam is 6-8 weeks before the exam date itself.
  9. by   Porthos3300
    Yes, but the examination is next weekend she says so she could never enroll in a review center AND she lives in the town where the examination is according to her. I dont have a good feeling about this. :-(
  10. by   gambutrol
    the examination fee could never reach 32,000.. did you sponsor her? if you did sponsor her, and she did not enrol in a review center.. then, she's not telling the truth with regards to the amount of money needed.. btw, another lie would be that the exam is held only once a year (as you have written that she told you).. it's held twice a year.. june and december.. I am concerned.. did you finance her?
  11. by   Porthos3300
    No, I have not financed or sponsored her and now I'm very glad that I asked here before I did anything. I had a feeling something was wrong when this came up a few days ago as I have never heard of an official examination that you can sign up for until just a few days before.

    Thanks very much again for the help everyone. I think it's time now I have a serious talk with my so-called friend. :-)
  12. by   gambutrol
    Good! I am glad you weren't fooled by her lies..
  13. by   hearty_doll
    my cousin who will be taking his NLe exam this coming 6 and 7 paid his review center for P15,000 excluding the payments for prc filing..and his review center is in zamboanga i guess 32000 is too much..
  14. by   khuslapos
    porthos, to save money just tell your friend to do '' self review" so that you dont have to spend ginormous amount of money. enrollment in a review center is not mandatory. all of the information provided here are correct. from what i know, the most expensive review center asks for 17000, just for the review materials, lectures and final coaching. when i took the exam last year, i paid P950 for the exam fee. if your friend will take the june exam, the deadline for filing for the exam was second week of april. PRC is very strict and they never extend the deadline, even for a day.

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