questions about application of NCLEX,anyone can help?

  1. hi, all nurses here
    recently, i've been applying for the CP of CGFNS, today, i received a letter that they refused my application of the certification programme bcos i dont have enough hours in INFANT/MATERNAL nursing from my nursing school.
    now, im thinking if i want to apply for the NCLEX in new york. do they count on my working and stuy hours in all part of nursing like the Certification Programme do? i graduated and work in hong kong as a registered nurse, i dont know where i can find an institute which provide the infant/maternal nursing only since all nursing school were closed by the government here 4 yrs ago. we only have the university which provide the whole course of nursing but not individually like infant/maternal nursing lol................
    i really need some suggestions and informations of that ........(apply NCLEX in NEW YORK) im afraid i just waste the money if i send to apply for the CVS of new york. ??????
    thanks for all ur regards
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    If your short of hours then they will have to be made up regardless on BON that you apply to. Check out the International forum a couple of threads there about making hours up maybe as guest in the US or check out the thread in the UK forum as there are a couple of Universities offering catch up courses but due to International may be a higher fee. In fact will move this to the International forum. Usually a problem with some International training
  4. by   suzanne4
    The requirements are the same for any state in the US, as well as the need for those required hours for immigration purposes.

    NY will not permit you to test if you do not meet their requirements, and you do not apply for the NCLEX exam; you will be applying for licensure as an RN in the US. And add into this equation the fact that you need to get a CVS completed by CGFNS before NY will permit you to test.

    There is no way around completing the required hours in both theory and clinical to be able to work in the US as a Registered Nurse. You can try and take them as a guest student there, or in Canada, or in Canada; even Canada has the same requirement as the US for these required hours.

    Not a thing will be done until you can complete those hours.