Question about retired nurses working casual.

  1. Are nurses that are retired and collecting a pension allowed to work on a casual basis and how many hours. Just wondering how this works in Canadian hospitals.
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  3. by   Fiona59
    Oh god yes. Happens all the time. And they think they are entitled to bag all the best available shifts because "I put all those years in". Most say they are only doing it to "use up what's left of this year's licence" but they keep coming back for years, like the energizer bunny.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Down here in the US, I had a supervisor who was called back from retirement 3 times and was working and drawing her social security at the same time. The amount of money she earned affected her income tax situation in relation to her age at the time. She knew what she was doing taxwise. And she also knew when to draw the line. The last time they called her back, she gave them a deadline, and told them if they didn't have her replacement by then, too bad. And she meant it.
  5. by   glenwood
    Most retired nurse get board and work a few agency shifts here and there.
  6. by   pooker
    many nurses return after retiring there is a 3 month waiting period after retirement then they can return casual, but this has been waved in areas that are short.
  7. by   Heather56
    See this frequently here. I believe, though, that once retired they lose all their seniority so are at the bottom of the casual list. Mind you with the shortage of nurses that still means they can work lots if they want.