Quebec nurses wanted! I need to network with you!

  1. Anyone from Quebec out there?:flowersfo
    I am in NY state and is wondering what the work conditions are in Quebec.
    What is the workload in the ICU?
    Do you have 12 hres shift? What is the shift differential, the hourly rate?
    Do you have mandatory overtime? Is it easy to make overtime?
    How do you accumulates vacation time?
    How is the team work? How much independance in your practice do you feel you have?
    Is there a Nurse Practitioner or a MD that does round on your unit?
    Is there a pharmacist at night at your hospital?
    Where do you work?
    What are the problems and the advantages you encounter at work?
    I want to know it all! :wink2:
    Ideally, I would like to shadow, for few hours, an ICU RN in Quebec city to see if I would like it there. I might just ask a nurse manager to make me visit her unit

    Can't wait to read you!
    Thanks! Merci!
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  3. by   Teachchildren123
    Thanks to all the PM! Too bad nobody followed upon my pleat!;.)
  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    It would seem there are very few nurses here from Quebec. Maybe you could contact la Federation Interprofessionelle de la sante du Quebec and ask them your questions. They'd be in a good position to know.
  5. by   Teachchildren123
    finally I got the link that I needed! The one that tells me about salaries, it gives me an idea.
    I still have to find which category an ICU RN like me fits: a clinical RN, of in the category entitled infirmiere, in a general way. Like you said, I could contact the FIQ, and I will.
    In a different note, I certainely hope that the nurses from Quebec already participating in will spread the good news about the greatness of this site.
    Unfortunately, there is few anglophones hospitals (an healthcare centers) in regions, the city of Quebec City has one only, but Montral is more concentrated for a lot of ressources!
    Thanks again! Anyone has more to say?
  6. by   Teachchildren123
    Thanks janfrn, that is a site that I needed!
  7. by   maame
    Don't Forget That You Have Do French Written Test, If You Didn't Go To French High School Before They Even Give You The Equivalence License
  8. by   Miss1030
    hello there! I'm a Quebec nurse. I just joined allnurses today so... don't know if you still need info or if you already are in Quebec...

    I think the reason why you didn't received replies is because excepted for the montreal area we are almost exclusively french speaking...

    anyways.. let me know if you need any additional info.

    here is the link for the board of nurses in Quebec

    Good luck