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  1. hey guys! can anyone help me on how to renew my PRC license since its already expired and im out of the country now. can anyone knows the link for the form to fill-up? i just gonna ask someone in the Philippines to renew my license for me. what are the things that i need to do? im planning to take nclex exam here in the states and i got my nursing degree in the philippines, it is really necessary for me to have a philippine license to take the nclex exam?

    thanks a lot...
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  3. by   whirlwind
    based on my experience, i submitted my passport (include the page of the visa of the country where you are staying) and prc license copies together with a recent id pic. u can ask somebody in pi to process it for you provided that you authorize this "somebody" to do it on your behalf. dont forget your signed authorization letter and the corresponding fees...
  4. by   suzanne4
    Do you actually have a visa that will permit you to work now? Be aware that we are expecting to see more states require the local license before they will permit one to sit for the NCLEX exam, as well as immigration expected to require it once again.

    It was required in the past when all were expected to write the CGFNS exam before they could come to the US, local license was required.

    I suggest that you just renew it to have it, you never know when you will be required to produce it. Since you already had one, it is easy to get it renewed.
  5. by   uh_huh?
    hi! good news!!!

    PRC now has a call center for renewing license.
    Its like what you do when you renew your passport.. but this one is done thru LBC. Try calling (+632) 8544848. I think that would be more convenient than having to go thru hell and back in PRC.

    I dont exactly know the process but am sure the call center agents would be more willing to assists you. This is quite a relief for those who are abroad and cant send their representatives to transact with PRC personally.

    Good luck!!!


    eres the link for the complete info if you still wish to do it personally or thru a representative.