picking a Nursing degree & uni in the UK ???

  1. Hi,

    I'm in the process of applying through UCAS for a Nursing degree in England (not Scotland or Wales) as i'm Irish and i don't qualify for a bursary for these areas.

    I'm a bit confused about what college to apply for as i'm not familiar with the UK. So far i've selected Manchester, Liverpool, Northhampton, Southhampton and Brighton as i can get home easily from these colleges. Does anyone have any good/bad experiences here or could recommend another uni?? I want to stay out of London just because of the expense as i'm a mature student (26) and i'll be funding things myself.

    I'm also in the middle of writing my personal statement. Any advice on this would be good too.

    Thanks a mill, this is a great forum to find,
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  3. by   ayla2004
    the bursary question
    NHS bursary are available to anyone who had been legally resident in the UK for 3 years, they are not based on your country of birth.
    2 of my cohort are R.o.I citizens without 3 years residence in the UK and receive fees only funding as a E.U citizen.
    I'm a 3rd in Manchester met, good city nursing course is expanding numbers still feels friendly everyone gets a home trust as they do at the other 2 Manchester university nursing courses. Univeristy of Salford and Manchester University have been runing nursing courses longer though.
  4. by   Luelle
    Hi I love Ireland have only been there once, only found this site today and am loving it too. I live in Manchester and can say that it is pretty good, cost of living isn't too bad and there's plenty of things to do on the weekends where you are not studying and don't go home. I am currently trying to get on at Wythenshawe hospital as a health care assistant so I can do my NVQ3 and access my nursing degree and they seem to have a good range of posts avaialble there too(if you were thinking about doing voluntry/part time while you train). Having said that I don't know whats really out there myself but I'm lovin every second finding out.

    Good luck to you and hope you find somewhere you like