Philippines BSN Grad, US resident now, No license and No work...what should i do?

  1. So here's my case

    I'm a BSN Graduate in the Philippines in the year 2010...In October on the same year, my family migrated here in San Diego, CA...and as of now Jan 2012, I didn't accomplish one single thing (the license and the work is what I'm talking about) I know it sounds like I'm super lazy or something but I got a problem from my greencard since I got here...I never recieve my greencard after the 3-4 months from what they said in the airport...So I choose to fix my problem first in my greencard before I do anything here in the US (coz I'm pretty scared if I do something against the law w/c is I'm not much aware)...And you cannot be eligitable to work in the US if you have no proof right...So my problem in my greencard only managed to be solve as of Jan 2012...and now that I think about it, it's almost 2 yrs since i graduate and I'm feeling kinda slacking in terms of this field...I have my option but really can't decide right now...

    1. I want to apply for NCLEX but afraid to be denied like my schoolmate who apply last yr and got denied due to lack of psychology credits...(thinking that I could be the same) and today that my family is really struggling...I want to try the risk but don't want to waste the money if ever got denied..
    2. I can challenge the LVN exam but there's a form that requires employment verification...what should i put there when i don't have any working experience...?
    3. Should I apply to college again before the applying for terms of money I guess I can look for financial aid...but It will take to much effort and time

    I really don't know what do to right now...I tried to search for work in my area but they are not really hiring someone who don't have any license or certification and work experience...I even try to lower my choice of work but still not lucky enough...

    I appreciate any opinion and other options right now...
    Thank u
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    The reality is that even if you are able to sit for the either NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN, pass it and receive a license, you will struggle with waiting in line for few available jobs along with numerous other new graduates (foreign trained or not) in the State of California.

    So none of your classmates met eligibility to take the NCLEX-RN in California? If that's the case, I personally would go for plan B. There are other states you can apply to. You have a green card so you have eligibility to be employed in all the 50 states. It's a matter of finding the BON that will allow you to sit for the NCLEX, pass it, and get a job. Try the neighboring states of Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington. Even try Texas.

    You will have to move to wherever state you will get a license and call it your home but you certainly can start the application process while still in San Diego. Would this mean that you'll eventually be away from your family who is based in San Diego or would you have to uproot an entire family to where you can find a job? I don't know your situation but either way, it's a big decision to make. To me, getting licensed and being employed is a priority.
  4. by   Ginger's Mom
    Sounds like you got good advice. If you plan to stay in California, why not try to get a job in a hospital as unit coordinator, CNA, etc you could earn some money to apply for the NCLEX. Also network in the hospital so when you pass your boards you will have an inside track.

    If you plan on taking the PN Board, I would apply for a position in a nursing home or clinic since that is where most PNs are employed. Any job is better then sitting at home.
  5. by   nauticanne
    Thank you both for you opinions. I really appreciate it.

    And if ever I can't still find a job here. I think I will consider relocating to other place or maybe state.
  6. by   spongebob6286
    no offence but you shouldnt waited that long to fix your problem with your GC and while waiting for that you could have process for your nclex. i was in the PI when i did that and took my exam here in NV. just go to CA BON and follow the instructions for nclex application. if u really need money maybe u can apply any part time jobs not necessarily in medical field just so you're earning you know.
  7. by   laur3njoy
    Personally i would not apply in CA BON because you will be rejected! Everyone i know whos tried to apply has been rejected. They would jst send a letter sayin lack of hours/ retake ob nd med/ surg. And also if try nevada you need local license... So before apply check there req... Good luck to all of us!
  8. by   aniemugundu
    If you have a EAD (employment Authorization document) with u then u can apply for a SSN. You need it to work here in the US. Find a job other than nursing while u make the arrangements for NCLEX.
  9. by   jonnard
    so true
  10. by   jonnard
    any updates on your nursing venture or employment? im curious cause im an lvn by profession right now but I studied also in the Philippines but was denied to take the nclex due to concurrency issues. now I'm applying in Arizona or might reapply again in California.
  11. by   fyxy24
    Any updates from you? Are you currently working now or has ever sit for any of the exams?