PH RN with HIV chances to work in US

  1. Hi guys. I reposted this post of mine from the Philippine forum thinking that I may be able to gain more information if I do post it here. If I made something wrong, I hope the admin will give me some slack, huhu, I am so sorry.

    Anyway, I would just like to ask if one can still immigrate to the US from the Philippines as a nurse if one has HIV.

    I had my blood undergo ELISA recently and it returned negative. But after a month or so, I had a needlestick injury while assisting for a herniorraphy in the OR. Though the chances are extremely low that I contract the virus, the possibility still crosses my mind at times.

    Thing is, we are always exposed to this occupational hazard especially if you work in theatre, and as such I wondered if it truly will result to our futures turning bleak once we contract it? Or will the US permit immigrant nurses from the Philippines with HIV to work provided their viral load is managed with HAART?
    Lastly, will I still be able to practice as an OR nurse? I really love being a nurse in the mininally invasive surgery unit.

    Just to clarify, I dont have HIV, at least not yet. And I am praying everyday to God that He will protect us from such grim of a hazard. But if in case it does come, I want to be prepared emotionally. And as such, will that be the end of my minimally invasive surgery nursing dream in the land of the free?

    Nevertheless, thank you and any insight is highly appreciated

    PS: I plan to go to North Carolina.
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  3. by   brownbook
    Discrimination against persons with HIV & AIDS is prohibited by federal law. ... Although an employer can always consider health and safety when making employment decisions, HIV transmission will very rarely be considered a legitimate direct threat to safety.
    HIV & AIDS and Employment Discrimination | Human Rights Campaign
    HIV & AIDS and Employment Discrimination | Human Rights Campaign

    I have no knowledge about immigration laws regarding contagious diseases. But this is the law regarding AIDS and employment in the US.
  4. by   NurseSpeedy
    I don't know of a single employer who has ever asked to check an applicant for HIV. This is what standard precautions are for. Also, discrimination would definitely be an issue.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    It used to be a check with immigration but I believe it is no longer done
  6. by   romahito.senshi
    I see. I thank you so much for your insight