Pay increase !

  1. We have just found out that we nurses in the Private hospital system are going to get the same increase as those in the public sector !
    Mayne health hospitals are any way.

    I cannot believe this , as we have just caught up to the public sector from the last pay rise.

    As a NICU nurse and Midwife I would have left the hospital if they had not increase on the same level as the public system.
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  3. by   OzNurse69
    Woohoo!! Well done -- good to see Mayne is good for something(!!)

    We still have an EB negotiation going from -- get this -- last MAY!! -- and have just found out from the union that if negotiations go for more that 12 months the hospital are allowed to throw out the whole EB & start from scratch -- hey, do you think that's what they are holding out for?? One of the offers is an in-charge allowance of....(drum roll please.....)$2.00 per shift!! And that's only for L1's who are in charge of a whole shift when there aren't any L2's on, without taking a pt load -- not many people -- probably about, oh, let's see.....NONE!!!

    (Can you tell I'm getting a little fed up with the whole process??)
  4. by   renerian
    Good for you and all the other nurses on getting a pay raise.

  5. by   sehbear

    The Vic branch of the ANF are getting ready to fight for our next EBA.
    And it seems like only yesterday that the other one came in!
    Good on Mayne health.... now all you need are nurse patient ratios.
  6. by   Tookie
    My toughts were - what a great job the ANF try and do for us - but tha is bringing in my own prejuidices
  7. by   MHN
    Too late for mayne health though isnt it.they sold up maybe they left a legacy for those who bought it
  8. by   OzNurse69
    Sold up what?? My understanding was that they divested themselves of some of their non-health care assets to concentrate on their primary business....or am I behind the times?? Don't really keep up with the Mayne news these days....though about buying some Mayne shares last year....would have made some money too, but ethically I don't like the way they run their hospitals, so couldn't bring myself to do it!!
  9. by   Tookie
    I thought they only sold parts of there shares - I am with you on this one OZ as l wouldnt buy any of their shares
    Actually we dont own any shares at all - one of the few l thinnk in Australia - (well apart from what is in super) we don even have fly buys.
  10. by   MHN
    my understanding is they have sold a good number of their hospitals in cluding the national capital in canberra
  11. by   leeca
    Its great that private nurses got a pay increase, but just found out that this increase doesn't apply to nurses working in private nursing homes, ah well maybe one day.